To activate, invigorate, or give enthusiasm to.

Life requires energy, and a rich, full life demands enthusiasm. Let the Energize by MLILY invigorate your body and mind with restful, restorative sleep each and every night. With the proven resilience of genuine visco-elastic memory foam, and the dependable support of an individually pocketed coil system, the Energize is a high quality, long lasting addition to the MLILY line. Comfort is paramount with both high density M48 memory foam, and a layer of gelCore, our gel-infused memory foam creation, quilted directly into the cover. Just a touch of softness, and unparalleled support make the Energize the right bed to help you activate your morning.

Every foam mattress by MLILY is built with CertiPur-US tested and certified foams, and fabrics that meet or exceed the Oeko Tex Standard 100 for Confidence in Textiles. MLILY is proud to utilize components which lessen our environmental impact without sacrificing the quality and luxury our customers deserve.

  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Memory Foam
    Memory Foam
  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Plant Based Oils
    Plant Based Oils
  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Open Cell Structure
    Open Cell Structure
  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Renewable Resources
    Renewable Resources
  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Cool Comfort Gel
    Cool Comfort Gel
  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera
  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Quilted Foam in Cover
    Quilted Foam in Cover
  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Innerspring
  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Removable Cover
    Removable Cover
  • ENERGIZE + GEL - 12 INCH Compressed Sleep
    Compressed Sleep

MLILY Suggested Retail Prices:

  • TWIN
  • FULL
  • KING

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