Wake Up Like A President

The 18th of February is a very important day for all Americans – both home and abroad. It is the day of the official celebration of Washington’s birthday – so it is not surprising that there would be a lot of buzz around the birth days of one of the founding fathers of the nation. As we work towards that day, everyone at MLily wishes you a very happy celebration. It is our desire and hope that this serves as an avenue to bring us even closer together with a drive towards achieving the total American dream. Having been one of the top performers in the mattress industry, we are also constantly committed to ensuring we deliver just the quality you can trust. We have been in the business of developing practical mattress solutions, but we will push forward even more.


Our Promise of Comfort

Our sleep engineers have been in the business of researching new ways to help you achieve better sleep. We have been able to perfect that, and the promise of comfort, via the following innovations to our mattress lines:

  • Cooling Fabric – Our mattress’ fabrics follow a specific knitting pattern to achieve better air flow and breathability. That reduces trapping of heat, eliminates instances of sweat and provides for a better and more complete sleep.
  • Smart Foam – We have designed our solutions to adapt to your body and sleeping patterns. Our designs are made to understand your contours and use that to optimize your sleep better.
  • Pocket Springs – Memory foam alone does not give you the best sleep. Combine that with a series of pocket springs (or a thousand of them like we have used) and you get an even better, bouncier sleep.
  • Flex Support Border – Beyond better sleep, we also want you to have a more durable mattress at your disposal. This explains why we use flex support borders to provide support at the corners, relieving the impact of your body weight.
  • Flex Support Foam – In line with the borders, the flex support foam is there to give a deeper and more regenerative sleep.


Waking Up A Champion

Our Fusion Luxe mattress is one of the latest additions to the Fusion Hybrid series, and it comes with all of the features below – and more. The mattress is not just aesthetically-pleasing, but highly functional in giving you the ideal night sleep.

Specially conditioned to your body, you get to wake up feeling like a champion.

Check out the Fusion Luxe today, and you will always look forward to your next sleep.