Sleep Just Got More Harmonious

Getting good sleep goes beyond finding the ideal environment, achieving the proper lighting or putting on the right ambiance. Those work, but not as much as choosing the right mattress.

By the right mattress, we mean one that has not just been specially designed to aid your sleep, but to fit your body and provide the comfort you deserve too. That is the kind of premium treatment you get with our Harmony+ Gel Mattress.

Our sleep engineers have done all their research to come up with this unique solution. With that, they have developed the Harmony+ Gel foam with all of the following features:

  • Memory Foam – Have your mattress recognize the prevalent temperature and pressure, and react accordingly too. In addition to fitting its mold to the shape of your body for a more regenerative sleep, that is.
  • Plant-based oils – We recognize the place of natural substances in sleep therapy and have only opted for plant-based oils in the development of the mattress.
  • Cool comfort gel – The knitting pattern of our mattress material makes it highly breathable. That allows for better air flow, reduces heat trapping and allows you get a better night of comfortable sleep.
  • Removable cover – Sometimes, great sleep is a thing of the mind. Should you wish to replace the cover, or just feel the bare mattress, the removable cover feature has you covered.
  • Multi-size – Need a small mattress, a medium-sized pick or you’d prefer to go all out with your choice? No matter which size you’d prefer, we have just the right pick for you.


That said, we know a mattress is only as great as the choice of pillow that it comes with. Proper sleep will be better guaranteed when the pillow and mattress are in perfect harmony (all pun intended).

Looking at the kind of comfort you get on the Harmony+ Gel, we recommend matching it with of our Harmony Shapeable Memory Foam Pillow.

Made from the same kind of material that makes the Harmony Gel+ a great fit for sleep, this pick is so much more than that. The size is just right – ensuring it doesn’t take up too much space, or make your sleeping ‘busy.’ The petite size makes it a comfortable travel companion. With a quilted pouch to match, you always get the feeling of sleeping in luxury. We know everyone wants that. We know you do too.

Grab your Harmony Gel+ Mattress with the Harmony Shapeable Memory Foam combination today and start enjoying even better sleep.