This Will be Your only Mattress

Has picking a mattress always been as simple as walking into the store, pointing to what you want and leaving with it? If that sounds like you, then you must have been doing it wrong. Your choice of mattress is more important than you think. After all, the kind of mattress you pick impacts your sleeping patterns. This in turn affects your mood, stress levels and productivity, among other things. All that snowballs into your entire quality of life. Use our Guide to find the right fit for you!

Never pick another mattress without this checklist:

  1. Size Matters – Give some thought to your current lifestyle – and the possibility of changes in the nearest future – before choosing a mattress. You don’t need a king size mattress if you are living alone, and a twin bed won’t work for you and your newly wedded husband/ wife.
  2. Firmness is Key – There is no current standard of measurement for how firm a bed can be. That’s why some manufacturers throw the words ‘firm,’ ‘extra firm’ and the likes around today. However, other manufacturers understand that an individuals comfort in defined by them. It is, thus, absolutely necessary that you try the mattress out before making that payment.
  3. Confirm Options – There are different mattress builds and options out there today. The most common of these are:
    • Innerspring Mattresses – They are usually the most common and cost the least. Their support system is great, and they provide good romance platforms. However, they are usually not durable.
    • Memory Foam Mattresses – These ones are taking over the market now, and for good reason. They come with excellent cushioning effects, wrap around your body and provide a better sleep. They can be quite expensive, but they make up for that in the functionality.
    • Latex Foam Mattresses – Coming in natural, synthetic and blend varieties, latex foam mattresses are highly similar to memory foam options. Due to being more elastic though, they offer a bigger hugging effect than memory foams.
    • Air Mattresses – They allow you the freedom of customizing the firmness to your needs. If you will be sharing with a partner, they even allow you configure each half of the bed separately.
  4. Budget – Before stepping out to go get that mattress, know how much you are willing to spend. Budget generously, but never break the bank.
  5. Brand Recognition – You might be tempted into buying a much cheaper foam from an unknown brand which seems to offer all you are looking for. The problem is, those brands would have cut some serious corners to bring you that mattress at such price points. While you shouldn’t exceed your budget beyond reasonable means, ensure you are buying from a known brand. With that comes more comfort.

Looking for an Ideal Pick?

The MLILY Serene Elite Series satisfy all of the considerations you should make. Available in different sizes, you get to choose just which one suits your needs the most.

The firmness of the Flex Support Foam is one to write home about. It takes that a notch further by not just offering memory foam, but a bamboo-infused one. That means you get odor, moisture and temperature control built within your mattress. Designed to fit into your budget with a competitive pricing model, MLILY wraps it up with all the brand recognition you could want. They are a globally recognized manufacturer and are proudly partnered with Manchester United.