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Fusion Luxe

Enjoy the splendid comfort of our Fusion Luxe, a hybrid mattress featuring the signature feel of Mlily Smart Foam, a breathable synthetic latex that actively adapts to your body’s natural contours. This mattress is also encased with a signature Ice-Fabric cover that provides a cooler sleep surface all night.

Buy Your Fusion Luxe Mattress!
Buy Your Fusion Luxe Mattress!

Fusion Luxe Layers:

1. Cooling Fabric. Our cool knit fabric is designed to enhance air-flow and breathability, creating a cooler, more complete sleep.

2. Mlily Gel AirCell Foam. Our specialized Gel AirCell Foam is scientifically engineered to provide a unique layer of our supreme Performance Memory Foam infused with our breathable, temperature-regulating AirCell Technology. 1.5”

3. Mlily Smart Foam. Specially crafted Smart Foam is breathable, flexible, and actively adapts to your body’s natural contours. It provides all the benefits of latex while being allergy free. 1.5”

4. Zoned Aero-Flex Foam. We’ve added a unique layer of our Zoned Aero-Flex Foam that is aerodynamically designed to provide consistent air-flow and adaptability. 1.5

5. Pocket Springs. It’s one thing to have Memory Foam, it’s another to carefully layer in Pocket Springs. 1000 of our soft Series X-springs bring out the performance of this mattress. 6.3”

6. Flex Support Border. Our Flex Support Border is built to provide corner-to-corner support, relieving the natural pressure of your body weight.

7. Flex Support Foam. We’ve added a final layer of our Flex Support Foam to provide corner-to-corner support, ensuring a deeper, more regenerative night’s sleep. 1.5”

Available Sizes Width Length Price
Twin 38″ 75″ $1799
Twin XL 38″ 80″ $1949
Full 53″ 75″ $2249
Queen 60″ 80″ $2549
King 76″ 80″ $3299
Cal King 72″ 84″ $3299

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