Queen vs. California Queen vs. Olympic Queen Mattress: Unraveling the Size Debate

queen vs. california queen vs olympic queen mattress

Many people would be surprised to learn there’s more than one type of queen mattress. Clearly, they all offer something unique, but the standard queen mattress size tends to be the usual choice for most people as it’s more affordable and easily fits most rooms. In this article, you’ll learn about the key differences between each type of mattress, from their best features to dimensions, pros, cons, and more.

Queen vs. California Queen vs. Olympic Queen Mattress Comparison Chart

Before we take a deep dive into each type of queen bed, you can get a gist of their primary differences in the comprehensive chart provided below. This chart covers the essential details that most people worry about when it comes to buying a new mattress.

Keep in mind that these figures are subject to change based on a number of factors, such as the manufacturer, your location, the size of the bed, its materials, and much more. Nevertheless, the information below falls in line with many industry standards regarding various types of queen-size mattresses.

Remember, this is a general basis you can work from, but specifics are bound to vary with each mattress type. From affordable to more high-end options, each type of queen mattress hits the spot for a specific shopping demographic. If you still aren’t 100% sure which size bed is right for you, continue reading to get more detailed information on each variation of queen-size bed.

What is a queen-size mattress?

Sitting at dimensions of 80″ x 60″, a standard queen is a great mattress size for most body types and relatively affordable. Aside from the size and cost of the mattress, a few pros and cons are important to consider before buying your first queen bed size.


  • Long-lasting as you have enough space to change your position on the bed.
  • Great option for most couples as it easily fits two people and offers a little wiggle room.
  • Queen beds are known to offer a decent balance between ample space and cost-efficiency
  • Fits in most bedrooms with ease
  • You won’t have any issue finding sheets and bedding for a standard queen size mattress


  • A regular queen bed may not be the best option for narrow or heavier sleepers
  • You won’t be able to fit two adults, children, and pets on a queen-size mattress
  • If you tend to shift and move around the bed a lot, a standard-size queen may not be enough space
  • Taller individuals might not have enough legroom


The queen-size mattress is suitable for most people, but it doesn’t offer the added space found with the California and Olympic queen-size mattress. Aside from product selection and finding the right sheets and bedding, you won’t have any trouble finding a bed frame. From a general standpoint, a queen-sized bed gets the job done for a majority of everyday people.

What is a California Queen-size mattress?

If you’re looking for some decent middle ground between a standard queen bed and a king, then you might want to look into the California king size. With an extra four inches of length for dimensions of 60″ x 84″, it’s a step up that’s ideal for taller people. On top of that, the California king also fits most regular-sized rooms. Take a look at the various pros and cons of the California king in the lists below.


  • Excellent choice for tall sleepers
  • The extra length gives more room for different sleeping positions
  • Still suitable for most standard-size rooms
  • You should only encounter a minor cost increase by moving up to a California queen mattress
  • The product is widely available, making it relatively easy to shop around for


  • Accessories and add-on furniture may be more difficult to source
  • In some circumstances, you might have trouble fitting the bed into certain rooms
  • The beds are ideal for tall sleepers and could still not be suitable for heavier individuals
  • Although the cost increase is minor, it may be a deal breaker for some budgets
  • Limited material options from most brands


When it comes to the California queen vs. queen, it’s a pretty easy choice for some people. Tall sleepers who are looking for more space are bound to lean toward a step above a short queen bed. Even if it’s only a few extra inches, always make sure to handle measurements before making a purchase. Space consideration is the biggest challenge for most people. Overall, the price difference isn’t enough to scare people away, making the California-size queen a popular choice.

What is an Olympic Queen Size Mattress?

If the mattress size of the California isn’t cutting it, the Olympic queen bed could be the answer to your sleeping woes. Another style of queen bed that offers decent versatility and brings something unique to the table, the Olympic has dimensions of 66″ x 80″. There are a handful of pros and cons to cover between limited availability, its versatility, and compatibility challenges.


  • Regarding the Olympic queen vs. traditional queen, the Olympic is 6″ wider
  • Still relatively affordable compared to a king-size mattress
  • Extra sleeping space where it counts
  • An excellent balance between dimensions, comfort, and ample space


  • Its size may be comfortable, but it isn’t the most common on the market
  • When you do find them, they tend to be in a limited variety
  • You’ll find compatibility challenges, such as finding a bed frame or fitted sheets
  • The Olympic bed isn’t a great choice for taller sleepers
  • This bed won’t fit in smaller bedrooms 


Offering a measurement of 66″ x 80″, the Olympic mattress is great for people who are looking for more width. In the same vein, this means that taller people may not have enough legroom. Nevertheless, plenty of people enjoy the bed’s features and specifications, and they’re optimal for master or guest bedrooms. When a king size mattress is too large or too expensive, one step down would be the Olympic queen.

MLILY Queen Size Mattresses

There’s a lot more going on than you might think when it comes to MLILY queen beds. At a glance, they may look like other queen mattresses on the market, but the details say otherwise. Whether it’s CBD oil-infused covers, fan-powered adjustable bases, or a plush-to-firm feel, we have something for every type of sleeper. MLILY offers different types of queen mattresses. Some of these include the Mprove 3.0 and the PowerCool Sleep System varieties. Keep reading below to learn more about one of our best sellers.

The Mprove 3.0 from MLILY

A hybrid mattress that’s available in queen and other popular bed sizes, the Mprove 3.0 is part of our CBD-infused mattress line. Known for its soft and plush feel, it aims to be a step above our 2.0 model. With a focus on providing calmer sleep, the Mprove 3.0 comes with CBD oil infused in the cover, which helps to promote a calmer sleep experience. You can find more standout details about this mattress in the brief list below.

  • Extra tall bed profile
  • CBD-infused foam and fabric quilted cover
  • Offers breathability and overall comfort for most people
  • The combination of fabric layers aims to support and regulate body temperature at night
  • Great for those suffering from insomnia or poor sleep cycles in general

The Mprove is just one of several mattresses that we offer in a queen size, and its unique features have proven to be a hit with our customers. You’ll also find that our mattresses come in a decent price range, making them suitable for all kinds of budgets. You can get a look at a few price points for the three MLILY mattresses we’ve mentioned so far in the following table.

Regardless of which mattress you choose, there are a handful of considerations you want to check off your list before spending any money. Without due diligence, you could be out of a lot of time and money when it’s all said and done.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Mattress

It’s pretty easy to get taken away by the right information and product photos, but you have to consider more than that to ensure you’re making the right purchase. No worries, as this can easily be accomplished by reviewing a few key points regarding every mattress you consider.

Before buying your mattress, review the following points first:

  • The size of your room
  • The lengths of your budget
  • Your usual sleeping position
  • Your height
  • The same exact information for your sleeping partner

Once you have all of this information, you might find that a queen mattress, overall, isn’t the best choice for your sleeping needs. In that case, there are plenty of other mattress types that’ll make it a bit easier to share the bed.

Other Mattress Sizes to Consider

In the event you discover a queen mattress isn’t really what you need, you might want to explore the specifications behind different mattress sizes. Each type will vary in quality, cost-efficiency, comfort, and many other factors, but don’t hesitate to consider the following mattress types.


  • Dimensions: 38″ x 75″
  • Recommended Room Size: Studio Apartments/Small Guest Bedrooms
  • Best For: Children

Twin XL

  • Dimensions: 38″ x 80″
  • Recommended Room Size: Studio Apartments/Small Guest Bedrooms
  • Best For: Single Adult


  • Dimensions: 54″ x 75″
  • Recommended Room Size: Studio Apartments/Small Guest Bedrooms/College Dorms
  • Best For: Single Adult


  • Dimensions: 76″ x 80″
  • Recommended Room Size: Master Bedroom
  • Best For: Two adults, one child, one pet

California King

  • Dimensions: 72″ x 84″
  • Recommended Room Size: Master Bedroom
  • Best For: Two adults, one child, one pet, tall sleepers

Split King

  • Dimensions: Two twin XL mattresses, both 30″ x 80″
  • Recommended Room Size: Master Bedroom
  • Best For: Two adults, one child, one pet

There’s clearly more than enough variety to satisfy the needs of any demographic. However, finding what’s right for you requires a little research into the nuances of each type of queen mattress.

The Bottom Line

The standard queen size bed seems to be the best choice for the everyday shopper based on availability and usability. It’s more than fitting for most couples while leaving enough space to move around comfortably without disturbing a partner too much.

When you take a look at queen vs California queen vs Olympic queen mattresses, each satisfies a particular target market. The standard is the best choice overall, California queen is great for tall sleepers, and the Olympic is best if you’re looking for all the space you could possibly need. As you shop around, always consider each mattress type’s dimensions, pros, and cons, and you’ll end up with the best possible choice for your needs.


Do I need a mattress protector?

Above all else, this comes down to a personal choice. Of course, if you’re looking to get the most longevity out of your mattress possible, a protector can do wonders for the lifespan of your bed.

Will an Olympic queen mattress fit on a queen bed frame?

In most circumstances, no, as the width of an Olympic queen is generally 6″ wider than the standard queen bed.

Will queen sheets fit an Olympic queen?

Unfortunately, no, as the dimensions of the standard queen sheets won’t fit what the Olympic requires.

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