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The “Old” Portal will act as an archive should you need to look at invoices and orders placed over the past few years. This Portal’s data ends at 10/29/19. Please utilize this Portal to pay past due invoices place before 10/29/19.

Enter the New Portal

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The “New” Portal will be where all future orders and payments are placed and processed for the upcoming future. This Portal’s data starts on 11/01/19. Please utilize this Portal as your main ordering platform for MLILY.

Important Upcoming Changes

We are working to transition to a cleaner more streamlined portal system. Over the next few months, we will be periodically making adjustments as well as splitting the portal into two segments to rectify data.

We are Currently in Step Four and working toward the Next Stage.

All Credits from the Old Portal will be Transferred by Mid November

Thank you for working with us as we build a better Portal to assist you.

Thank you again for being part of our MLILY Team.

Please note that we have entered Peak Shipping Season – shipping costs may fluctuate with additional charges during this time as described by UPS and FedEx. Peak Season October 21st – January 5th.

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Step One : Back End Adjustments : In Progress

Things continue as usual while we make adjustments.

Step Two : Splitting the Portal : End of October

We will be splitting the portal into two segments to facilitate data transfer. For most Retailers – this will not affect you. You will only be utilizing the New Portal to place and pay for new orders. The Old Portal will be used to look at past invoices and pay for old “terms” or “past due” invoices – it will not allow any new order to be placed after October. Currently, this is scheduled for the end of October. You can expect the Old Portal to be down on October 30th & 31st. On November 1st this page will give you the options to log in to either the New Portal or the Old Portal. Your Username and Password will be the same for both at launch.

Step Three : Transfer of Credits : Mid November

For Retailers with credits on their accounts – you will be given the option to either apply them to old “terms” or “past due” invoices in the Old Portal or carry them over for future use in the New Portal.

Step Four : Adding Interface Options : Early 2020

We will be adding interface options to upgrade the New Portal to better suit your growing needs. Further information will be available as we get closer to this step.

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