Finding The Perfect Mattress For Your Adjustable Base

man lounges on MLILY bed with adjustable base

Adjustable bases can be a great option for many different reasons. Not only can they help lessen the impact of injuries and sleep conditions like sleep apnea, but they also greatly improve your comfort by allowing you to adjust your sleep or rest position.

However, if you’re considering an adjustable base for your bedroom, it’s important to take into account the mattress that you pair with it. It’s only partly true that any mattress can be used for an adjustable base but you might compromise the integrity of your mattress in doing so. So, let’s discover which mattress is the right mattress for your adjustable base and get you on your way to better sleep at the touch of a button. 

Why choose an adjustable base?

With an adjustable base, you have the flexibility to decide your desired sleeping position. The choice is quite literally in your hands on how you wish to lay. You have the ability to raise both your head and legs, which is great for supporting both your lower back and your upper body as needed. Some other great features that are included with MLILY adjustable bases are independent head and foot adjustments with multi-base syncing for split sizes, three separate massage modes with three different levels of intensity, USB charging ports, LED lighting, and wireless remote pairing and flashlights with 3-in-1 adjustable legs. 

Which mattress is best for an adjustable base? 

Simply put, adjustable bases require a mattress that can easily bend with the base without ruining the composition of the mattress. That’s one reason why memory foam mattresses make for a great option for your adjustable base. Since the memory foam is made to bend and mold to your body’s shape, it allows the mattress to move with the base while still being able to revert to its natural form when laying flat. The multiple layers of foam provide excellent support and pressure relief and are a suitable choice for all body types and sleep styles. Not only is it a great match for your adjustable bed, but it’s also a great mattress for any bed. 

Another great option is a latex mattress, which is usually preferred because of the comfortable materials they are made from. In this case, it’s a great choice as the latex material has the ability to shape your body and contour alongside the base. 

What do we recommend? 

When it comes to choosing a mattress for your adjustable base, our experts recommend a high-quality,  memory foam mattress. The specialty foam offered by memory foam has superior support, rejuvenating comfort, and long-lasting durability – making it the perfect choice for your adjustable bed. 

At MLILY, we offer a variety of memory foam mattresses that will pair perfectly with your adjustable bed. If you also happen to be in the market for a new adjustable base, we’ve got the best ones around as well. To learn more about our best-in-class bases, click here and start browsing.  

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