Don’t lose sleep traveling

a man sleeps during an airline flight, using a pillow rest for neck support

For many, travel can be a draining experience, usually consisting of early starts, jetlag and the constant issues behind trying to sleep while flying. In order to combat this, check out these top tips on how to beat fatigue while on the move.

1. Drink plenty of fluid.

When traveling, tiredness will most likely cause you to experience a headache, especially upon waking up early to head to the airport. Although tiredness does play a part in this discomfort, dehydration can also be an issue for many travelers. Spending a prolonged period in an reduced oxygen environment massively dehydrates us! The average plane humidity is three times drier than the Sahara Desert! Keep those water levels up, aiming to consume more than one liter during your flight to fight headaches and tired eyes.

2. Bring an eye mask and ear plugs.

Although lights are usually dimmed on planes, they can be mightily noisy! In addition to this, there will also be people switching on lights and moving around. Pack an eye mask and some ear plugs if you would like to have a deep sleep.

3. Schedule in recovery time

Make sure you have a little window of recovery time upon landing, you don’t want to land after a day long flight to head out water rafting! Just relax for a few hours before thinking of what to do.

4. Try some self care

Try out self-care!  We’ve already discussed how planes can be dehydrating, maybe pack a moisture face mask or some cooling pads for your tired eyes.

5. Bring a neck pillow

Although they’re not the best for long periods of times, neck pillows can be very handy for allowing you to slip into sleep with ease whilst on the move, attach one to your hand luggage for the flight.

6. Avoid fatty foods- pack some healthy snacks!

When we’re tired, our bodies crave fatty, sugary foods, meaning we usually end up sugar crashing half way into the flight and land feeling bloated. Pack lots of fruit snacks and plenty of water to avoid these cravings and sleep better during your journey.

7. Stick to the time zone

Make sure you stick to the time zone of the country you land in. No matter how tough it gets, if you can make it through the first day and fall asleep with everyone else, you’ll hopefully wake up in sync with you new location!

 8. Avoid caffeine

Although it can be tempting to have lots of caffeine whilst traveling, it’s important to not have too much. Not only does it dehydrate us but it also prevents us from sleeping when we might need to!!

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