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We are now producing mattresses in our new South Carolina factory.

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We have you covered, all our mattress are backed with a 10-year warranty.

Certified Foams
Our foams are made without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, or heavy metals.

We Make What We Sell
Our showrooms feature the mattresses we make, so we know what goes in each one.


The PowerCool Sleep System is one of the newest innovations on the market. Strategically located fans in the base push air through the extra breathable, ventilated mattress. This ensures a cooler, more comfortable sleep even on the hottest of nights by circulating the air around the sleeper.

Welcome to Dreamland – Let Cool Air Take You There!

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Made in USA mattress
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Manchester United Group Managing Director Richard Arnold :

“MLILY has an established track record of producing a high quality product. We want to make the best use of the latest technology and expertise that can help our team, which in this case is the sleep and recovery of our players.”


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Mike Just
Mike J.
So far the pillow has been very good. It does a nice job of supporting my head and neck. sometimes that extra support can add some unwanted heat but not with the Mlily. I have woken up refreshed.
Corey McDermott
Corey M.
The Fusion line is wonderful seller! Fusion 1000 and Fusion 2000Slam Dunk! Thank you!!!
vikram gujral
vikram G.
Great mattress! I have never slept so well. I highly recommend MLILY mattresses. I have been recommending them to my friends and family ever since I bought one!
For the first time in years I've slept! My MLILY Vitality Plus Mattress is heavenly. There's no tossing or turning and it's even cut down on my sleep walking!It's been decades since I've slept through the night and I'm making it through the night 6-7 nights a week - I couldn't do this without MLILY.I've never had a mattress like my Vitality Plus! Highly recommend! Excellent buying experience also!
Emily Thaldorf
Emily T.
Ive been using this pillow for a few days now and I like it a lot. I feel supported, but the softness is great as well, not too firm. My dog keeps trying to claim it as her bed whenever I’m not in the room. My fiancé wants one for himself now too.
Karen pence
Karen P.
Great mattress! I have never slept so well. I highly recommend MLILY mattresses. I have been recommending them to my friends and family ever since I bought one!
I got the Harmony pillow and it's dreamy!
Kristie Sirus
Kristie S.
The hybrid shoulder pillow is perfect for you if you like to sleep on your side. It’s comfortable and breathable. I’ve been getting sleep with it. It does have a strong odor right out of the box from the memory foam but that did go away quickly!
As a retailer I have carried the brand for years and can say I was always impressed with the quality and value but more importantly I don’t think I have had any other product that had so many people come back to buy another for family or another room. Happy customers is what great business is all about.
thomas walker
thomas W.
Leslie Dahring
Leslie D.
Great shipping, packed really well, super huge pillow. It feels cool through my pillowcase, both in texture and temperature.
Chasity Gooch
Chasity G.
We absolutely Love our MLILY adjustable bed and Serenity + mattress! I woke up with lower back pain about everyday for over a year. I decided to try a adjustable bed and a softer mattress. My husband and I got us a King and for the past 3 weeks I have woke up with no back pain. The best night sleep I have had in a long time! We highly recommended MLILY!!!
Samantha Scott
Samantha S.
Love love love love!
I purchased an Mlily Serene Elite and it was the best bed I ever bought. It has a material called PCM the is designed to regulate your temperature and is the reason I choose this bed. I sleep hot and kick my covers off all night long so I never sleep well. My first night sleep I didn’t get hot and slept so well. First of all it’s cold when you first get in and then the bed gets a comfortable temperature. This bed does exactly what it says and I have never slept better. 10 stars 🌟 Jenny
Doug Fair
Doug F.
We LOVE our new MLILY mattress! It is so soft and comfortable. I have never fallen asleep so easy before in my life. So if you are looking for the most comfortable mattress get a MLILY fusion luxe!!! The only negative thing I can say about the mattress is I DON’T want to get out of it in the morning.
Surprised my wife with one of these pillows last week because she's been feeling sick. By her reaction, you'd think I gave her a big diamond ring she was so thrilled. Said it was "like heaven" and immediately made her feel better. I ended up buying two so I could enjoy one, too (and not wait till I was sick)... she married a smart man!
Dennis Eutsler
Dennis E.
My wife and I have had back issues for years. After one night on our amazing new mattress the pain all but disappeared.
I am a pillow aholic!! I have at least 8 different kinds of sleeping pillows on my bed. This new Mlily pillow is the BEST ever. I sleep so much better with it. My head feels like it’s on a cloud, no stiff neck! It’s just heavenly!!! I highly recommend it to everyone who might be looking for a new pillow!!
My new pillow came, a memory foam one, and my whole family has been fighting over who is going to keep it! Looks like we need another haha
Great company and bed.
Jessica M
Jessica M
I got the sleep cool stay cool pillow and I never knew loving a pillow was possible until my first night sleeping on this bad boy. You know how your pillow gets warm so you flip it over to the cool side? It’s the cool side all the time which in itself is worth it, then you add in the memory foam feeling and it’s my favorite pillow I’ve ever slept on. Highly recommend!
Or come to my stores in Plano or Richardson Texas and try every model they make. Get Free delivery. 0% interest
Dot Schubert
Dot S.
Hybrid Mlily Pillow for neck and shoulders:I am pleased with my Mlily Neck and Shoulders hybrid pillow, which is soft and it is not too big, heavy, or cumbersome. The pillow is one that I probably would have chosen for myself. It’ will help me get a good night’s sleep, every night, with no neck pain.Very Appreciative,Dot Schubert
We absolutely love our Mlily mattress! We had constant back pain and awful nights' sleep with our old box spring mattress, but we both sleep so much better now! extremely fast shipping and great customer service! 100% recommend!
Amber Allred
Amber A.
Started with a pillow. I have been sleeping on it for about a month or more now. I was sleeping on a “cooling gel memory foam Contour pillow” before and now I don’t even use it at all. This MLILY quilted pillow is amazing. It lets your head sink just enough but still provides support and I never get hot or wake up with a sore neck. Great pillow. I just need a 2nd one now. 👍
Had neck surgery couple years ago and the MLILY pillow was very comfortable and form fitting to my neck ... and very affordable!
I have had lower back issues for several years now. I wake up in the mornings and the pain is worse. I thought that maybe my answer would be getting a better nights sleep. I started reading up on the adjustable bases and all the different mattresses available. My husband and I even went to visit a sleep number store to try one out but after the salesman gave me the total cost I was in shock. Luckily someone introduced me to Mlily. I have slept on my new bed for over a week now and I wake up each morning feeling rested and pain free! I am still thinking this is to good to be true but again I have woke up pain free for a week now and that has not happened in the past 2 years. I absolutely recommend Mlily! The price and the comfort is well worth it!!!
Amazing mattress, outstanding warranties.
Alaina Smith
Alaina S.
Love the cooling pillow. It stays cool and supportive throughout the night, so much so that my husband is very jealous of mine! The texture of the fabric on the pillow is kind of slippery, so make sure you have a pillowcase that is secure at both ends. Highly recommend!
MJ Madison
MLilly provides the best service and a product that is worth every penny. Comfort, quality and value!
Jodi Simmons
Jodi S.
I like the memory foam pillow, supports my neck great! I am looking forward to sleeping on my new bed.
I LOVE my Mlily mattress! It's definitely an upgrade from my last mattress and I finally sleep throughout the entire night. I recommended it!!
Meriam Bull
Meriam B.
We recently purchased a Serene Elite Mattress from MlilyUSA. I especially love the temperature control cover. We are sleeping much better and much cooler.
MLILY Rocks comparing all other mattresses out there, very good quality
I LOVE this pillow! I’ve been searching for the right height/density pillow for awhile and none were quite right. This one is perfect and provides just the right amount of support and comfort.
Julie Deucker
Julie D.
After looking around town and scouring the internet, we finally decided on purchasing an MLILY mattress this summer. The whole process was top notch, from the sales staff to installation. We love our new mattress and are so glad we found MLILY. (A little side note...their pillows are amazing too!)
Terry Frederick
Terry F.
Great product by a great company.
I recently purchased the serene elite and it has been the best decision!! I used to have terrible back pain and after a few nights that pain is completely gone! I also have to thank the staff!! I had a million questions before and after purchase and the staff was helpful and knowledgeable with all of them! I highly rec mlily!!
Used the cooling pillow for a few days and loved how cold it actually was. The pillow is also a nice memory foam with good support. Perfect for summer!
Excellent service and merchandise. Great customer service and very knowledgeable of their products. They also have a wide range of price's.
Great mattress! I love my new MLILY Vitality Mattress, and it’s so comfortable. Unlike any mattress I’ve had before. And the customer service and amazing, and they always reply promptly. Highly recommended!!
I recommend Mlily Mattreses . they are the most comfortable mattresses to sleep in. I personally own a king fusion lux mattress the mattress is cool to the touch and conforms to the body alleviate my presurepoints . I recomend this as I can actually tell you that I rest and have a good night sleep.
Jim Kush
Jim K.
Great matress excellent quality, The Gel Plus model is very firm and supportive for back and side sleepers. The softness is not effected by the firmness. My spouse and I no longer waken with stiff necks, back and hips, Excellent product!
Elizabeth Korob
Elizabeth K.
It shipped quickly to my house and was very easy to set up. The mattress is comfortable and get a good night sleep.
Sean Earl
Sean E.
This mattress is fantastic! I’ve had two lower back surgeries and five neck surgeries so a proper mattress is key for my daily health. This one fits the bill in every way. Firm enough for excellent support while sleeping on your back and providing the perfect amount of plushness for sleeping on your side without causing shoulder or hip pain. I highly recommend for anyone... especially those with spine issues.
Just spent the second night on my new pillows. They seemed to be a little too firm for me the first night. The second night was much better. I do like the way they allow me to shape to my neck for support. I think I will like them more and more as I get used to them
Kellen O'Connor
Kellen O.
I have an MLILY pillow, and it is one of the most comfortable pillows I have ever owned. It is supportive, yet soft. I would highly recommend!
My MLily mattress is the greatest. I sleep well and wake up ready to start the day, except that I also want to just stay where I am and enjoy. No more morning aches and pains and the feeling that I haven't slept. Recommend to anyone who wants a restful full night's sleep
Love, love, love my new pillow! It was just the right amount of firmness. I normally sleep with 2 pillows, but with the MLILY pillow, I just needed one. It stayed propped up all night and didn’t move around when I moved around. Would definitely recommend this pillow to anyone! 100% in my book!
Fred Schubert
Fred S.
These comments relate to the Mlily Smart Foam Classic Pillow which was sent to me for product review. Straight out of the box, I was really impressed with the elegant look and feel of the pillow. I was also immediately aware of the "heft" of the product; It weighs quite a bit. My overall initial reaction can be summed up by saying this is a well-built, luxurious, quality product. Now, I am no pillow expert, as I have never purchased one in my entire 64 years (my wife does that). But I was really excited to experience a good night's sleep with my head propped up by my new pillow.Unfortunately though, this particular pillow just did not suit me. I should point out that I ordinarily use a very thin, non-compact pillow that does not possess any of the attributes noted above. But it works for me. Even though the Classic pillow is highly compressible, it requires a substantial force to do so, and my head just does not weigh enough to compress it to a comfort-level thickness.In all fairness, I tested the product for 4 nights and I liked it a little bit more with each passing sleep. But I just don't see it replacing my low-tech ol' stand-by.My wife is reviewing the Mlily hybrid shoulder pillow separately, but I should tell you that even though it does not possess the same attributes (at least to the same degree) as the Classic pillow, the hybrid pillow suited me considerably more. So , what we're talking about here has more to do with sleeping styles and habits than it does to do with product quality. Even though the Classic pillow was not the most comfortable pillow upon which I've ever laid my head (for me!), it was otherwise certainly the most impressive pillow I've ever slept on. Ever.
This pillow is amazing! Stays cool and plenty of support. It comes compressed, so give it a little time to get to the actual size. Definitely recommend it!
Yulia Sherrod
Yulia S.
If you are shopping for a mattress, this is the place you must visit before settling for something else. There is so many choices these days for an online purchase with thousands of great reviews, but the truth is - everyone is different, hence one does not fit all. We wanted to test drive the mattress before making such an important purchase. Also did not want to full with all of those “free return” options for an online purchase. Just go to the store and let Matt Smith help you find options for you. He is not push seller. He is truly there to help. He has been in mattress industry for over 12(!!) years! He can give you advice on washing and cleaning each and every mattress, sheet, protector etc! The first bed we tried - was the winner. And it was not the most expensive one, in fact, not even the second or third most expensive! The delivery fell on Thursday, the Thanksgiving Day since the mattress had to be delivered from another city and I ordered Saturday afternoon. Matt said he is going to try and maybe make a delivery on Wednesday (not even their delivery day). He made no promises. And Tuesday morning I am getting a call that they can deliver the bed with adjustable bed frame in the afternoon. They were very professional and punctual (this is rarity these days for delivery services!) Matt and a driver not only delivered the bed, they also installed everything and showed how to operate. Since our choice sheets were not delivered yet, they had brought in another brand new set of brushed microfiber sheets (and yes, they are also totally amazing!) so we could sleep on our brand new bed THIS SAME DAY! We still are getting our sheets of choice too! How nice is that? These guys do go out of their way to make a happy and returning customer! Thank you, Matt and the crew! We are so happy to have MLILY here in Knoxville! P.s. we got an Ortho mattress, adjustable bed with massage option, Harmony pillows, mattress protector and sheets!
I used to have a Beautyrest mattress and during the summers I would wake up covered in sweat, earlier this year I switch to a Mlily Serene Elite which has a cooling cover and this is no longer an issue. I highly recommend checking out their extensive mattress or pillow line up.
margaret jacobsen
margaret J.
I have been using my new Harmony pillow for the last few nights. It comforts my neck and is allowing me to get a better nights sleep. I highly recommend!
Martin Brophy
Martin B.
The pillow is a great product. Best nights sleep I ever had and looking forward to many more.
Tim Butler
Tim B.
Mlily makes a great mattress. They also have great customer service! Jenny was extremely helpful in answering my concerns and questions. Buy with confidence! They stand behind their products! 🙂
I would recommend the MLily brand to anyone looking to purchase a mattress!
I would like to give a shout-out to the wonderful customer service that Mlily has provided. They are a company that stands behind their product. Not only is it a great mattress but the company is very willing to answer questions and concerns! I especially want to thank Jenny in customer service.
The pillow I received was comfy but still a little flat, where I felt like I still needed two pillows for good support. However, when my husband revived his, it was a little different than mine and he was disappointed because mine was bigger. I switched with him and wow! We will not be switching back. I slept better last night than I have in a while.
Eric Anderson
Eric A.
There are so many options for memory foam pillows out there these days. Having tried three memory foam pillows previously, this Harmony pillow looked like a good one to try. Since it has small memory foam cubes inside, the Harmony pillow does have a different feel. I really like the size and the cover of the pillow is very comfortable. Because the pillow is made up of pieces, you can literally fluff up the pillow if you feel it is getting thin. Overall, it performs as well as any memory foam pillow I’ve used. If you’re looking for a comfortable memory foam pillow, I highly recommend the Mlily Harmony pillow.
Recently had an issue with our mattress. MLilly promptly responded with our warranty claim and is replacing the mattress, which we will have in a couple of days. Great company. Fantastic customer service. Even better nights sleep. Thanks MLily. Thanks Gregg. Job well done.
I received the Hybrid pillow as a trial pillow.I normally sleep on a neck roll at night due to having severe neck pain. I wasn't sure I would be able to use the pillow so I said "let me give it a go." I laid on the pillow for about 7 minutes, and found that the pillow caused shooting pains through my head, which was something I was used to experiencing. I also noticed the pillow lifted my head up and forced my chin down, this was an issue. I was hoping this pillow would work out for me but that didn't happen so I gave it to my daughter, who said it caused her to have headaches. she now uses it between her legs when she sleeps on her side. I believe MLILY is a good company however the Hybrid pillow was not meet my needs. Sara the customer service rep that assisted me gave me great customer service.
Connie Dudley
Connie D.
I have been sleeping on my Mlily Vitality+ for about six weeks now, and I’m sleeping much better and don’t wake up achy like I was on my T***** P**** which was much more expensive. Great value, and a good night’s sleep!
My wife and I have MLilly mattresses at our home and love them. We just recently purchased a rental cabin in Pigeon Forge and replaced all the mattresses with MLilly products, including the mattresses in the two sleeper sofas. The response has been tremendous. Here are three reviews that mentioned the beds:"The beds and even the sleeper sofas have memory foam mattresses and were the most comfy sleep I've ever had away from home." "The beds were so super comfortable!!! My husband and I both have back problems and find it difficult to travel due to bad mattresses but we both slept like babies and no pains in the morning. The sleeper sofas were even comfortable.""Even the mattresses were great. We were able to get a good night's rest for all the attractions there were only a few minutes away."Needless to say our experience with MLilly products has been nothing short of phenomenal. We highly recommend them!
Great mattress! I have never slept so well. I highly recommend MLILY mattresses. I have been recommending them to my friends and family ever since I bought one!
Everyone should have a MLILY Serene Elite mattress! Highly recommend.
Noelle Tewell
Noelle T.
I got one of the stay cool pillows and IT IS AMAZING!I will never use another pillow for the rest of my life!
Darrien Thomson
Darrien T.
I have slept on an MLILY pillow for several days now, and I have to say that I really like it. It starts out fairly firm, but gradually softens every time I sleep, without losing supportiveness. So far I love it!
I like my pillow!! it is very cushy and comfortable!
LOVE our Serene Elite mattress! So, so comfortable. The cooling fabric is amazing! And Mlily pillows are amazing as well. Can't wait to get in my bed! ❤️
Tori Gill
Tori G.
I love the shoulder memory foam pillow! Being pregnant means needing to sleep on your side, which has wreaked havoc on my shoulder and neck. This pillow makes my neck feel better aligned when I sleep on my side and takes pressure off my shoulder. I'm happy!!
We got our mattress three months ago and are still loving it, it is so comfortable, and holding up very well so far. It is very good quality.
I tried my colleague’s MLILY hybrid mattress, and WOW it felt like laying on a dream. It’s specialized for temperature control because she told me she’s a “hot” sleeper. It had good back support, would highly recommend!
well made and very comfortable!
Wonderful customer service, very knowledgeable of their products. They also have a wide range of mattresses and price's. Highly recommend this company.
MaryLauren Agee
MaryLauren A.
Great memory foam pillow! Enough support, but still very soft and maleable.
Kris Barco
Kris B.
This is a very comfortable bed. I’m a side sleeper and don’t have shoulder or hip pain when I wake up as I’ve had with other beds. Highly recommend.
Sarah Hale
Sarah H.
Received the MLILY Harmony Pillow and I haven’t stopped using it since I first laid my head on it. I have carried it out to the couch with me to support my head even when I’m not sleeping!!!
Amanda Fackler
Amanda F.
I am loving the Harmony memory foam pillow! It is super supportive and comfortable. Love it.
Emily-Anne Buck
Emily-Anne B.
I received the pillow in the mail to try out in my entire family has been fighting over it. We’ve only slept on it two nights all taking turns so it’s a little early to give a full review but I’m thinking we all like it.
Catherine Barrera
Catherine B.
So glad I switched to a MLILY mattress!! I used to wake up multiple times throughout the night and wake up with back pain. Since switching to a MLILY mattress I’ve never slept better! So comfortable and I love how I can sleep any way without any discomfort. Definitely recommend to everyone!
My wife and I loved our queen sized Mlily so much that we walked into the closest furniture store a few years later and bought a king. We never considered another brand. The price is reasonable, the quality is exceptional, and the comfort is superb.
I absolutely recommend anyone to try the Dreams mattress. Got mine at Luxilon Furniture in Glenview IL. From the moment I tried one I knew that was the mattress I needed to wake up in every day. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I intend on telling many people about it. *****
Colby was great and helped me find the perfect mattress for me. Have slept better than ever since buying my Mlily mattress!
John Edds
John E.
A, Amy
A, A.
My MLILY pillow is so soft and comfortable it’s like sleeping on a cloud. I absolutely love it!
mike pires
mike P.
I thought our MLILY mattress couldn't get any better and then we added their Serenity Contour and Harmony Pillows. Now our heads are cradled in a cloud by the MLILY pillows just like our bodies are by the MLILY mattress. I would love to try the Manchester United Contour or the AirCell PCM Pillow next. Thanks to MLILY we are sleeping better than we ever have!
Jennifer Johnsey
Jennifer J.
I have constantly struggled to find the right pillow. For years I have tried different pillows and I just sorta settled. Until I found this one! WOW! I don't know how to explain it, but it is the absolute perfect pillow! I highly recommend!
After receiving their pillow it has become the most popular pillow in the house. I got to use it for a short while before my kids snuck their pillow in my pillow case and I found my MLILY pillow in a JoJo Siwa pillow case on my daughters bed! It’s like sleeping on a cloud that doesn’t lose its form and it keeps you cool!
Meredith Coomer
Meredith C.
I made the switch to the Harmony pillow about a week ago. I was a little skeptical at first because I was in a car accident years ago that made my neck very sensitive to too much padding. But after the first night using the Harmony I discovered that not only did I wake up having had a great night's sleep, but also my neck nor back hurt at all! The pillow made all the difference! Im so excited for my new pillow !!!
Seth Tate
Seth T.
Great quality and very comfortable pillows!!!!
joanna luna
joanna L.
It's only been couple of nights and I am loving it
Quarter Kei
Quarter K.
The best bed I’ve slept on ever. I originally had the MLILY Energize and recently upgraded to the Fusion Supreme! Life long customer here. Again thank you for the quality and service you guys provide
I visited MLILY and purchased one of their Harmony Cool Pillows. I absolutely love it. I have a Boston Terrier that likes to snuggle and can really put off some heat. This cooling pillow really works. Not only is it extremely comfortable but also helps keep me cool during the night. I’ll be investing in a new mattress in the next few months and I’ve already got my eye on one of their cooling mattresses. Their travel pillow is fantastic as well. I never fly without it. The gentleman that helped me was amazing. Wish I could remember his name.
Love my new Harmony pillow from MLILY! This is the softest pillow I’ve ever felt! The exterior of this pillow is made of a super soft plush material to add even more softness to the pillow! When I lay on it, it naturally forms itself to support my head and neck perfectly! This pillow also kept a cool temperature throughout the night, giving me a great nights’ sleep. I would definitely recommend this pillow. It came packaged nicely in a drawstring bag that I will use again to take this pillow with me on my next trip.
Excellent pillow for lounging around the house, the pillow case is really soft!!
As a mattress retailer I have worked with many companies. What I like and appreciate most about MLILY is how few problems I have with their mattresses. I feel very confident about selling an MLILY mattress to my customers!
Rebecca Waltrip
Rebecca W.
When it first arrived, I thought the hybrid shoulder pillow was going to be too firm for my taste, but I ended up loving it! Shipping was super fast and I'm very pleased with the product. I usually sleep with two pillows but this one is thick enough that I only need the one. Will be recommending MLily products to my friends and family!
Andres Arredondo
Andres A.
I am very satisfied with my MLILY mattress. It is helping me get a restful night of sleep and came at a reasonable price. I would strongly recommend them to people looking for a better quality rest.
Not only are their products the best but their customer service is a blessing to do business with.
Gives prospective customers the opportunity to lie on the mattress of their choice in the store!
Sierra Kerr
Sierra K.
I absolutely love my mattress! It’s given me great sleep with no tossing and turning and I wake up feeling like I got a deep sleep. It is absolutely perfect and that memory foam cover is the cherry on top, making me feel like I’m resting on clouds. Very happy with this bed and would absolutely recommend to anyone!
Rene Mackley
Rene M.
The memory foam pillow is wonderful. It shapes to my neck and always feels cool. Great for side sleeping.
Alison Kennington
Alison K.
We absolutely LOVE our Mlilly mattress! We won it on The Talk and are so thankful because we needed a new mattress desperately. We were waking up in pain from our old box spring mattress. We never got a good night's sleep. We're so happy to own this mattress! We sleep great. Less tossing and turning. I 100% recommend!
Rhonda Cutshaw
Rhonda C.
Love our new Serenity Elite. It is firmer than what we are use to but comfortable. We thought it would be a little more soft. We are getting restful sleep. We have only been sleeping on it for 2 months now.
jason h
jason h
I love my MLILY Dream mattress and adjustable base. Awesome feel and delivery was fast. 2 days after I ordered!
I love my new mattress, it is very comfortable and has helped my quality of sleep tremendously! I will definitely be recommending this mattress to my friends and family!
Valerie Weise
Valerie W.
Mlily has exceeded comfort and customer service expectations!! I will be coming back!!
MLily made it easy to ship a bed to my daughter who lived out of town. Was shipped to her front door in two days!
Love my new Harmony pillow from MLILY! I have had it for almost two now and this is by far the softest pillow I’ve ever had! This pillow forms perfectly around my head and neck. It keeps a cool temperature throughout the night, giving me a perfect nights’ sleep. I recommend this pillow. I cannot wait to try other MLILY products! ❤️
Travis West
Travis W.
My pillow was delivered quickly. This is my first memory foam pillow and I love it! Thanks MLILY!
gb11 27
gb11 2.
I absolutely love their marketing and commercials. Each time I see one I get more excited to purchase my bed. I've been saving for a while now and can't wait to relax in the comfort of a Mlily bed!
I absolutely LOVE my MLILY mattress! I have had it for about 6 months and have never slept so good! The staff was very knowledgeable about their products and helped me make the right decision on the mattress specifically for me. I would highly recommend this store and company for all your mattress, pillow, and dog bed needs!
Kris Killingsworth
Kris K.
The testing products arrived quickly and upon opening the pillows fluffed themselves quickly in an afternoon. After a few nights of use I’ve found the Sleep Cool pillow to do just that. I’m a bit of a hot sleeper and the memory foam is not only cool, but comfortable and supportive. I look forward to testing more of their products in the future!
Katie Musgrave
Katie M.
Love my MLILY pillow! It took a few nights of sleeping on this pillow for me to honestly be able to say this, but now we have "truly bonded"!
Alys Furniture
Alys F.
This is the best mattress, on affordable prices for all customer’s!!
I received a full size vitality mattress for my 25-year-old daughter and she instantly noticed a change in her sleep for the better. Even I sneak onto her bed now for afternoon naps. The mattress is good quality, was easy to set up and I may just buy another one soon for my own bedroom. Highly recommend!
I visited the Mlily mattress store in Knoxville, TN and was greeted with an incredible level of knowledge of the products and all-around wonderful customer service. After receiving recommendations and advice from the Mlily team, I purchased a Vitality+ mattress for my master bedroom and I'm in love! Perfect level of support, while giving all the comfort that a mattress should give. Nothing beats the feeling of climbing into bed after a long day and being met with that incredible level of comfort. I'm waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day again. I also purchased a Fusion Supreme for my guest bedroom and I've received nothing but compliments from my guests on how comfortable the bed is! I am so thankful for my Mlily mattresses!
Manager at MLILY was extremely helpful in explaining the features of each bed so we could make informed decision that was best for our needs in a bed.
Nicole Rogers
Nicole R.
We gave this mattress to our son who has been complaining of back pain for the last year or so. Since he has been sleeping on this mattress, he back pain has gone away! Would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone, but especially those with mild back pain.
Michelle Holland
Michelle H.
Absolutely love my king sized pillow! It arrived in a zip up bag and formed into its full pillow shape within an hour. While I personally enjoy a softer pillow, I believe this pillow is better for my neck pain. It stayed cool all night which is my favorite part!
We got the Vitality+ and after sleeping on it for a couple of weeks, I can confidently say this is the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. I didn't even know I was waking up with a little bit of pain after I switched to MLILY. Seriously it is WONDERFUL! And the customer service at the new retail location in Knoxville was incredible, we weren't rushed at all and the staff was extremely knowledgable. Highly recommend!!!
I have an MLILY pillow, and it is one of the most comfortable pillows I have ever owned. It is very supportive, yet soft. I would highly recommend!
Portia Greenlee
Portia G.
Got a pillow from them- so soft and squishy in all the right spots! It's perfect for side and back sleeping and it stays cool.
We needed a firm mattress to replace our old one that was very worn out and sagging. After purchasing the FUSION HYBRID SERIES 10.5” we have slept much better and are waking up feeling rested, refreshed, and without back pain!!! I would highly recommend giving mlily a try!
I absolutely fell in love with the Fusion Luxe. Cool, Comfortable and Very Afforable!!!! Best Sleep Ever!!!!
Really great and down to earth staff! They were amazing in helping me find a perfect mattress!
Neal Trautloff
Neal T.
The best mattress I have owned, since buying it I haven't had the sleepless nights
Shane Harrison
Shane H.
didn't know an adjustable frame could be this sweet. Thanks!
I love my new pillow. I have been searching for a pillow that was firm but I could shape. MLILY's shredded memory foam design is perfect! My neck is finally can achieve neutral alignment!
My wife was diagnosed with stage III Colon cancer. The chemotherapy that she was going through messed up her hormones and caused her to sleep very hot. During the night she was not able to get a good nights sleep. March 2018 we purchased the serene elite split king mattress with adjustable frames. This was a complete game changer for my wife and myself. The Serena elite mattress stays cool throughout the night and also contains PCM which regulates body temperature. This new technology keeps my wife and myself very cool and comfortable throughout the night and with the added benefits of the adjustable base we cannot wait to get into our MLily bed every night!!!Thank You MLily !!!!!Gregg Layne
THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS!!!Literally the coolest pillow I have ever used. I got a solid nights rest with this product when other pillows would not deliver. I honestly can’t express how awesome this pillow is. It’s better than anything I’ve ever tried.
Karen Cates
Karen C.
I’m starting menopause and heard about MLILY cooling pillow so I bought 2 pillows. Best pillow ever! And bought the gel cooling overlay for the mattress. Wow! Best night sleep in a long time!! Ever our dog Cash loves his dog bed from MLILY. Whole family is happy!! ❤️ Thank you MLILY!!🤩🤩
This is a fantastic upgrade in slumber!! My Mlily Harmony pillow provides perfect, contoured support while staying a very average temperature. Couldn't have asked for better!Shipped super fast - arrived safe and secure! Thanks so much Mlily!
My parents love their mattress we bought them! Top notch quality! Highly recommend! Five stars all the way!
Neil Matson
Neil M.
Great customer service. I was a little nervous about buying a bed in a box. Love my bed. It’s very comfortable!
I'm so happy with my choice to go with an MLILY mattress. It is such an important decision and they made it easy and fast! Thank you for such great service!
Received my pillow as a gift and I love it..will be getting another one soon. !!
Eric Zitelli
Eric Z.
We bought a Mlily 10" mattress and adjustable frame several months ago and can honestly say, it is the most comfortable bed I've slept in in 68 years! Highly recommend this mattress.
The MLily harmony pillow I received was very comfortable to sleep on, I usually wake up with a sore neck but I haven’t since I have used this pillow!! Definitely recommend!
Jennifer Lemons
Jennifer L.
The Stay Cool pillow is amazing ! Perfect for multiple position sleepers. Easy to clean and stays cool . Love this pillow!
Yvonne Chambers
Yvonne C.
Kara G Howard
Kara G H.
I have been using the Harmony pillow for several nights now and it is so comfortable! Customer Service is great and they have great products!
Mlily makes an excellent mattress which offers incredible comfort. I am so happy with our Mlily that I have encouraged my 72 year old mother to purchase one as well. Her nagging back pain has been eliminated!
Great product! Love my pillow
Split king set is fantastic. No more back aches or acid reflux. Our salesman was very knowledgeable.
the mlily harmony pillows are a wonderful creation of comfort. I recently got one and fell in love with it is snuggles your head with perfect contour easily package and great for travel I no longer have to use hotel room pillows that may injure your neck and have you not prepared for that meeting the next morning Harmony mlily pillow so awesome I plan to get my mother and family one for Christmas thank you mlily for you are a legend of comfort
Tiffany Bruce
Tiffany B.
Bart Simpson
Bart S.
This is great quality pillow. It's very comfortable and relaxing. Highly recommended.
JoAnn Eisenberg
JoAnn E.
MLily USA is a great brand with product quality you can trust! I certainly sleep cool and comfortable with my MLily mattress.
Steve H
Steve H
Comfortable while still supportive. Stays cool, which is helpful as I tend to get really warm at night.
I love my Tranquility Hybrid Mattress.... Best night's sleep ever!!!!
PAB Trainers
I absolutely recommend anyone to try the Dreams mattress. Got mine at Luxilon Furniture in Glenview IL. From the moment I tried one I knew that was the mattress I needed to wake up in every day. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I intend on telling many people about it. Such a great product!
Does anyone have a Mlily Lotus soft mattress I want to buy one for a motorised base I have a bad back and need a soft bed
German Angeles
German A.
I recently purchased a mattress from this brand and it has completely changed my life! I’ve had Sealy mattresses in the past and they do not compare to this! Defiantly recommend getting one!
Vijay Dhanraj
Vijay D.
My Mlily queen bed is immensely better than my old mattress. Sore backs are a thing of the past now. My Mlily mattress is very comfortable and I enjoy restful naps and sleeps on this unique mattress.
GREAT bed! My wife and I have been sleeping like a log these past few weeks. Super fast and friendly service too! Can’t wait to set up my other rooms!
Tim Suddarth
Tim S.
Received my MLILY Harmony pillow last week. Have used it every night since. So far, I seem to be sleeping better, with less tossing and turning. My neck and shoulders are also less bothersome since I've started using the MLILY pillow.
Cynthia Kidd
Cynthia K.
The cooling pillows are great! I highly recommend them. We previously used Malouf Cooling Pillows that were over $99.99 new. I now prefer the Mlily Cooling Pillows. The pillows have a great loft to them and aren't too dense. I'm a side and back sleeper and didn't have any problems. My boyfriend usually snores, grinds his teeth, and talks in his sleep. He hasn't done any of those habits since changing pillows. Or if he has, I'm too deep into sleep to notice.
I have one of their pillows it is great I sleep well at night!
Jordan Haynes
Jordan H.
I got a great deal on an MLILY bundle which included the mattress, adjustable base and pillows. WOW what a sleep system. I have never slept better. Years from now when I will need another bed, I'll look for Mlily again!
Dennis Connor
Dennis C.
Best mattress I have ever had I would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone
Amy Boling
Amy B.
We recently purchased two new mattresses from M Lily USA. The customer service was top notch, they helped us pick the right mattress for our needs. The deliver was quick and set up was super easy! We are now having some of the best sleep ever! Thanks M Lily USA!!
My old pillow was flat and uncomfortable, but now I have the Harmony pillow by MLILY and the difference is incredible! The shredded memory foam creates the perfect combination of support and comfort. I highly recommend this pillow by MLILY!
The pillow we got is amazing I like the cooling stuffing that is in it keeps me cool all night
Harold Dan
Harold D.
WOW! Most comfortable mattress I have EVER slept on in my entire life! Thank you so much!
A great Value..lasting durability
Computer Internet
Computer I.
I have one of the memory foam pillows and it really is incredible. I love the dang thing.
Daniel Baldwin
Daniel B.
I guess I have never owned a "nice" pillow before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, other than it being an upgrade to what I was currently using. All I will say is that I did not know pillows could be this comfortable, and I don't see myself turning back.
amanda starnes
amanda S.
The Mlily Harmony pillow is great. It's already made a difference in how I sleep. I'm going to have to go buy another one.
Stacy L Fookes
Stacy L F.
I sent a direct message to MLILY and they got back to me immediately and answered all my questions about my new pillow. Very professional and friendly employees.
Janet & Dean Palombi THE PALOMBI TEAM
Janet & Dean Palombi THE PALOMBI T.
We have an MLILY and it's incredible. Stays cool on hot nightsand gives us the most comfortable nights rest on any mattress we have ever owned.
it was nice working with a local dealer. while this mattress is in a guest bedroom, I have slept on it and can say it is much more comfortable than the bed I am currently sleeping in.
Janea Grimes
Janea G.
I received the harmony pillow. So far it has been great. Super cool to the touch and the quilts are soft. Since the pillows do come compressed. I did have to Let it sit for about 36 hours before use to fluff. I would recommend to anyone looking for a durable comfortable pillow.
Brian Anderson was not just extremely knowledgeable about the mattress we bought but he had an amazing smile that will keep us coming back. His drive and passion for what he does to make sure we go home with exactly what we want is a hard thing to find. Never felt pressured Into anything. I would recommend MR Anderson for anyone looking to buy some furniture.
I recommend MLILY products to my customers because I can easily stand behind them. The products are clearly detailed and easy to market, the staff and the customer service are outstanding, and the products themselves are top notch. I have not had one complaint, only raves and good reviews!
Hannah Johnson
Hannah J.
I received a king size cooling pillow! It was such a nice surprise! Truly enjoy the pillow!
Norma Giorgi
Norma G.
I love our MLILY mattress! It was shipped quickly to our home and it was easy to set up. We love how comfortable the mattress is and the quality of sleep that we get every night. I strongly recommend it!
Lashanda Jones
Lashanda J.
They produce the coolest and most cooling pillow I have ever tried.
My Harmony Cool pillow has been nothing short of amazing! The memory foam is sturdy and holds its shape well throughout the night and the fabric stays surprisingly cool, which is a benefit to me as I sleep a little hot. It seems to work best from a back-sleeping position and I’d be interested to see how it differs from Mlily’s side-sleeping pillows! Thanks again Mlilly!
We recently purchased two new M Lily mattresses and since have had the best sleep ever. The customer service in selecting our mattresses was top notch, they took the time to explain the differences between each style to help us select the right one for our needs. Deliver was quick and it was so easy to set up. So pleased with our purchase!!!
MLILY is such a quality mattress ! There are lots of choices when looking at memory foam and at hybrids , But there IS A clear difference in quality across-the-board. MLilly delivers High quality product at an amazing price! I cannot say enough nice things about this company from customer service to quality control , it gets 5 stars from me !!! I would give it 20 stars but 5 is all that Facebook let me give! A must have as well , the Pillows ! absolutely amazing !
I’ve been using the pillow every night since I received it 2 weeks ago. I love it! Definitely recommend
I can’t say enough good things about the MLILLY brand. I bought my mattress a little over 6 months ago and I’ve never slept on anything more comfortable. My sleeps are much more restful and rejuvenating. I also bought the adjustable base and I’m so glad that I did. Many Thanks to Colby for taking care of me.
Buen dia: somos distribuidores de sus productos en México, en la cd. de Culiacan, Sin; la empresa Decoraciones Hernandez y hemos tenido muy buenos resultados, ya que son de muy buena calidad y los clientes quedan satisfechos, la atencion de sus representantes excelente, por lo tanto seguiremos trabajando con ustedes y felicidades por su compañía.
Barry Levin
Barry L.
My wife and I have been sleeping on an Mlily 14" Split King with the fully adjustable base since October 2019. It's been great as this bed system replaces a king Select Comfort. The mattress sleeps cool and is exceptionally comfortable. We especially like the range of settings that meet specific needs. About a month after we started using it, we had an issue with one of the remotes not able to execute a command. Mlily customer service walked up through a reboot and new pairing. When that didn't work, customer service overnighted a new remote and walked us through pairing the remote. No issues since; just very good sleeping. It's reassuring to know Mlily's customer service stands behind their product.
Allison Savage
Allison S.
I've had a queen sized Fusion Luxe with a NU200 base for around 2 months now and I would've gave it 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that fitted sheets don't entirely agree with the mattress. It is a really good mattress and I really enjoy mine. Great customer service. Really easy to set up.However the mattress cover has a zipper so you can remove it to clean.(100% polyester so be careful). I really enjoy how it has cooling technology in the mattress (if you use a sheet you can't really tell)
Nhi Phan
Nhi P.
My husband got a back pain for a long time. Even we have recently bought a mattress, he convinced me to buy one to see if it can help him with his back. We decided to give it a try! It's AMAZING!!!! He never has to deal with back-pain anymore. Plus, they have designed "cooling comfort" that make you feel so much relax and easy to sleep. We also bought a Mlily Adjustable Base Head and Foot Massage. We are in HEAVEN now. On top of that, they have a 10-year warranty for their products. Thanks to Mlily for your GREAT PRODUCTS
Brandon Harris
Brandon H.
I struggled for years to sleep comfortably and I struggled to stay cool. I tried Mlily cooling pillow and it was honestly life-changing. I did not wake up once from being hot. I normally have a sweaty head in the mornings, but with this pillow I can say goodbye to that issue.
jake johnson
jake J.
I recently purchased one of MLILY's pillows and oh my gosh it is amazing! I highly recommend! I think its time to save for one of there mattresses!
The best mattresses and pillows❤
Destiny Smith
Destiny S.
I have had a MLILY Harmony pillow for 5 nights now and I absolutely love it! I have tried memory foam pillows before and they were too hard and uncomfortable for me. This pillow is the perfect combination of soft yet sturdy. I don’t have to re-position my head throughout the night and wake up without any neck pain or cramps. Thank you MLILY!
Excellent, amazing, and perfect are all words I would use to describe the company and customer service. I had an issue with my mattress and within a 10 minute phone call we were able to meet in the middle and have a great solution. Every product has the occasional issue and what matters the most is how a company handles it. MLILY handled it perfectly. I could not be happier with my mattress or the company! PS Gregg was AWESOME!
The pillow is fantastic I love it.
I recently purchased the Serene Elite Memory Foam mattress as well as the nl300 Adjustable Base. I am ridiculously pleased with my purchases. I've had neck and back issues for years, and while I can't say that I'm cured... I can say that I've had the best sleep I've had in years. The mattress has enough give to it to still feel slightly "plush", but it's firm enough to give me the support I need. I wasn't sure I was going to buy the adjustable base until I actually tried it out in the store. Once I did, I was hooked. I read and watch TV in bed. The adjustable base has been a neck saver for both of these activities. I'm thoroughly thrilled with my new bed, and would recommend these products to anyone.
I’ve been sleeping on a Supreme Elite mattress and it’s the best mattress i’ve ever slept on! Highly recommended!
The absolute best mattress I've ever owned.
Love love love this pillow. Great size and stays a good temp all night.
Super helpful staff, great customer service, the best sleep I've ever had. I purchased the Serenity Plus and I am obsessed with it!! Highly recommend!
This bed changed my entire perception of what a good night sleep could be. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and will be a MLILY girl for life!
RJ Umphenour
Got one of their sleep cool pillows and it was like sleeping on a soft cloud that never deflated. Perfect for side sleepers like me. Hugs my neck and always keeps its form. The stay cool part of the pillow I didn’t really feel until I flipped the pillow over after laying on it for a while and the bottom side felt very cold. It was super nice.
I never imagined how this mattress helped my back and neck pain. It is absolutely the number one mattress in the world. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to feel he slept very comfortably for the first time!!
MLILY Hey, MLILY! Back in 2015, my wife and I had purchased a new mattress from another leading manufacturer. From the first night’s sleep on it, I was never impressed. It wasn’t very comfortable and every time my wife moved, through no fault of hers, the mattress movement disturbed my sleep. So, I’d been considering and looking at other mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, for several years when I discovered MLILY mattresses. Then it happened. We had an opportunity to see, touch and feel the MLILY “Theatre of Dreams” mattress at a local retailer; just prior to the 2019 holiday season. Sold!What a wonderful gift to ourselves! From the first night’s rest on our MLILY mattress, we knew that we’d made a wise and wonderful choice. This mattress is amazingly comfortable; cradling and supporting our entire bodies and with no more disturbing the other when we move. I’ve never experienced anything like this MLILY mattress—and the 10 year warranty only reinforces my confidence that we’ve made an excellent decision in purchasing our “Theatre of Dreams” mattress. We could not be more satisfied or pleased. Thank you MLILY.Gary and Donna McIntyreHopkinsville, Kentucky, USA
Rachael Riley
Rachael R.
I tried my co worker’s hybrid mattress. It felt like it contoured to my body when I laid down. It was so supportive of my back. And it stayed nice and cool. Would definitely recommend.
Love my new pillow! I’m a side sleeper and it’s perfect.
Bekim Xhudo
Bekim X.
Using the Hybrid Shoulder Pillow from MLILY has been great. As a back and side sleeper, it's a good option for me, a little on the soft side, but I couldn't be happier with it.
I love MLILY USA products! Sleeping so great and so cool now! ❄️ 💤✌️
I recently got a MLILY mattress and I have to say that it easily one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve ever had. The memory foam cover is perfect, it’s cushions your entire body and it really helps me stay asleep at night with no tossing and turning. I would absolutely recommend this bed to anyone who’s looking to have a good nights sleep and looking to wake up feeling well rested.
Haven Isclaw
Haven I.
Very comfortable mattresses, great options, and great price!
Alaina King
Alaina K.
The memory foam pillow is amazing. Definitely would recommend!
We love our mattress that we bought from MLILY.Great price, great quality, and the guy that sold the mattress was so personable. I would recommend Brian Anderson for all your mattress needs!
Ben Murphy
Ben M.
Coming from a Malouf Z Gel pillow, which spoiled me, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Harmony Cool pillow. That Malouf was very powerfully cool at first, but once I warmed up the pillow there was a long, miserable night ahead of me. Not only that, but it was pretty much like sleeping on modeling clay. The Harmony is much softer, but still a very lofty pillow. The inner material actually allows air flow, unlike the Malouf, resulting in a longer night's sleep with less interruptions. I dig it.
Glen Coleman
Glen C.
I LOVE my MLILY pillow. My experience with MLILY has been excellent from top to bottom. Quality product and service! I would recommend anyone looking for a better nights sleep see what they can do for you.
The staff getting back to you on problems and following up is really by far the best thing this company offers. I’m impressed at the amount of time they took to actually make sure things were ok. That’s not something you see everywhere.
Lisa Tate
Lisa T.
Very comfortable. Soft, yet firm. It is really helpful for my neck. The coolness is great and the removable/washable cover is very high quality.
In my years as a mattress retailer Mlily mattresses have been the most dependable bedding products I have ever sold.
Yasameen Hoffman-Shahin
Yasameen H.
Great pillow! So happy that I have it. Firm and supportive. Very comfy and breathable. I totally would recommend it to anyone.
Bought a mattress and we love it! Great customer service.
Nathan Browder
Nathan B.
This pillow is firm yet soft and comes with a textured body that is quote comfortable. Been using for a week now and highly recommend. It's a bit longer than most pillows but fills up a sham completely which is nice.
I have a lot of arthritis pain in my neck, particularly at night. Since I started sleeping on the MLILY pillows, I am finally able to get a pretty restful night's sleep and wake up refreshed. So thanks to MLILY!
Michelle Coleman
Michelle C.
After years of research and trial and error, this is THE best bed set up I've ever experienced. WIth the MLily Ego Mattress and NU400 Adjustable base, I am experiencing deep, comfortable sleep. Just added the Aircell Classic Pillow and couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the products and the quality of sleep I am experiencing. I've confidently recommended to friends and family, and they all have enjoyed better sleep.
Highly recommend the Fusion 2000 mattress. My husband had back surgery and this mattress is the first is the first he is comfortable sleeping on. We both love it!
We got our new MLILY mattress in 2 days after ordering it.We have been using it for about a month.We had a great hybrid mattress.The MLILY mattress is so much better we have not sleep so deeply in a long time.This is the best mattress we have ever had.
I just recently bought a MLILY mattress and I’ve never slept better. I thought the memory foam would be hot and I would wake up sweating or uncomfortable, but No. It has been the best sleep I’ve had in months. Also, the sales associate was very helpful when I was selecting a mattress for purchase.Thank you MLILYTracey
I absolutely love my MLILY pillow! My neck no longer hurts, after just one night of sleep. So soft and great for side sleepers. 👍🏼
When I got it yesterday, I was a little leery, it seemed a bit flat for me. But I was wrong. The indented area for the side sleeper is perfect. It was a real surprise. I may now have to get another for the other side of the bed. I give it 9 out of ten. I do think it could be filled fuller, but it's not enough of an issue to say don't buy. I want another one.
The Serene Elite has a "cool to the touch" fabric that is great. It doesn't matter what the temp is in the room. When you lay down on this mattress, it feels like you just laid on the a/c vent. Great feel!
I love my new Mlily pillow!
Tonya Walker
Tonya W.
Great nights sleep on my new pillow! I woke up with no neck pain!
Sam Dunham
Sam D.
I ordered our new mattress from a local place. It shipped straight to us in a box, which I was a little surprised by, considering it's a hybrid with both coil springs and memory foam. But I could not be happier. The mattress gives a great amount of support without being stiff. And there's almost no motion transfer between each sleeper. I can get up and go to the bathroom and crawl back into bed without disturbing my fiancee's sleep. I can't impart how very comfortable this mattress is.
Karyn Schubert
Karyn S.
My boyfriend and I each started off on our Mlily journey with their Harmony cooling pillows about a month ago and were instantly hooked! He's fairly hot by nature and it provides the perfect cooling feel and the foam props him up enough that I've noticed him snoring WAY LESS (which is huge for my ability to sleep throughout the night)! We both love them so much, we decided to look into their mattresses (because, as embarrassed as we are to admit, the one we sleep on now was purchased in the late 90s...). Matthew showed us around the showroom and after trying out all of the options, we've decided to continue our journey and purchase the Fusion Supreme. Once we've slept on it a few months, I'll be sure to post an update! Sleep well, friends!
I Highly recommend MLILY Mattress I myself I’m enjoying my mattress, we have the Fusion Luxe with the cooling top. We also like how this is also a American made mattress. Thank you MLILY for this great product.
I sleep so well at night now! No more back or neck pain! Love my mattress and my dog loves it too! Thanks Brian Anderson, you’re the best! 🐶
Carol Thomason
Carol T.
Southern Mattress personnel were friendly and informative.
I truly love my mattress!!! It's a strange yet wonderful feel...its soft and cozy, yet firm in just the right places. I get in bed at night and feel thankful that I can get a good nights sleep. Another benefit is that It looks great as well. Couldn't ask for more.Victoria
We bought an MLILLY two weeks ago and have been sleeping more soundly, more comfortably than we have in years. We live in Florida so the cooling feature is especially nice. We highly recommend this MLILLY mattresses.
Amazing mattress at an amazing value! I sleep great!
We love the Fusion Luxe! It's wonderful to get a good night's sleep and wake up with no back pain! Thank you!
Bob Thomas
Bob T.
Love my new Mlily pillow! Great night's sleep!
Mlily mattresses are the best. I have one for everyone bedroom in the house. Serene Elite for the master and Vitality plus for the other rooms. Everyone gets to sleep well at my house!
Martha Gaut
Martha G.
If you like a firm pillow but not hard this is the pillow for you. Love this pillow.
Chuck ouellette
Chuck O.
Really good mattress
Mlily has the best mattresses on the market right now. Most restful night's sleep I ever had! 🙂
Nicholas O'Brien
Nicholas O.
The bed is very well constructed. It’s plush, but still offers a great amount of support. It is also great with not transferring motion at night when my partner tosses and turns.
Awesome customer service and very affordable!
sarah wagner
sarah W.
The Air Dream Sleep System is super cooling. The 4 fans in the adjustable base provides a cooler and comfortable sleep surface even on the hottest nights. I wake up more refreshed.
Trish Price
Trish P.
Very comfortable pillow. Seems to help with neck and shoulder pain I have sleeping on other pillows.
Amazing customer service and phenomenal mattresses! Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a high quality and comfortable mattress!
Loving my new mattress from MLily!! It’s so different than what I expected.,it’s plushy firm and very supportive. It feels like heaven when I lay on it. Thank you!
Rebecca Swain
Rebecca S.
I'm very picky about pillows and the Harmony pillow is perfect! Great customer service also! Highly recommend.