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Warranty Claim

We’re sorry that something is affecting your experience with your MLILY products please fill out this form below so we can contact you and see if we can fix your issue and get you sleeping soundly again.

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Defect in your

MLILY product?

Please fill out this form so that we can assist you! We stand behind our products 100% and want to make sure that you are getting the sleep you deserve. You will be asked for photos and descriptions of the defect when we contact you.


or Upgrade

Please also remember we can only provide a replacement or you can pay the difference if you want to upgrade. We can not give you your money back, only the store where you purchased at can do that.

Quick Replacements

on Hand

We will have FedEx deliver your replacement as quickly as we can from our warehouses nationwide. Sadly we do not offer pickup of the defective mattress at this time. Please donate the mattress if possible.

If you have lost the Warranty Card that came with your MLILY product please download another one HERE.

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