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are foam mattresses safe

March 28, 2024

Understanding Mattress Safety: A Guide to Identify Ingredients in Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is a synthetic foam that is commonly used in mattresses. However, there are many misconceptions about its safety due to the fact that it is mainly made from petroleum products. While it i

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how to read a mattress tag

March 25, 2024

How to Read a Mattress Tag

In the United States, every new mattress is legally required to have a set of tags that provide specific information about the product. These are commonly called "law tags" or "law labels." This arti

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What is Edge Support in a Mattress

February 22, 2024

What is Edge Support in a Mattress, and Why is it Important?

If one is curious about what helps a mattress stay firm and stable, the concept of edge support may be worth considering. This is a crucial aspect of a mattress's design, comfort, and longevity.

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how to move mattress

January 5, 2024

How to Move a Mattress: Challenges, Tips, and Tricks

Moving a mattress can be challenging given its bulky size and awkward shape. Even with two people, maneuvering around tight corners and staircases can make moving a mattress feel like a struggle.

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how to get mold out of mattress

January 2, 2024

How to Get Mold Out of Mattresses: Cleaning and Prevention

Are you considering what you should do if you find mold hiding in the fabric of your mattress? Mold is never fun to deal with, but sleepers can get their mattress looking brand new again with the pro

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how to stop bed from squeaking

December 29, 2023

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed: Steps to Stop a Bed from Squeaking

Nothing is more frustrating than a mattress or bed frame that squeaks and creaks all night. You can't even change your sleeping position without hearing that annoying sound. If the bed squeaks loudly

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How to Deodorize a Mattress

December 26, 2023

How to Deodorize a Mattress: Six Methods to Eliminate Foul Smells

Getting a good night's sleep is essential, but a smelly mattress can ruin it. Unfortunately, it's common for a mattress to develop unpleasant odors, but it's not always easy to eliminate them. The go

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can you put a mattress on the floor

December 22, 2023

Can You Put a Mattress on the Floor: What to Consider

It's common for people to wonder whether putting a mattress on the floor is a good idea or not. Some people choose to do it to save money or because they like low-profile beds, but there are advantag

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King vs Full Mattress

December 19, 2023

King vs Full Mattress Sizes: What’s the Difference?

Standard king and full-size mattresses are very different beds in dimensions. At 76 by 80 inches, king-size mattresses are the largest of the standard bed sizes. Meanwhile, full-size mattresses

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