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Can You Put a Mattress on the Floor: What to Consider

can you put a mattress on the floor

It’s common for people to wonder whether putting a mattress on the floor is a good idea or not. Some people choose to do it to save money or because they like low-profile beds, but there are advantages and disadvantages.

While the floor can provide a firm base for a mattress, there may be better options depending on different factors. This article will explore the factors that should be considered before placing a mattress on the floor without a bed frame or foundation.

Understanding the Pros and Cons

Putting a mattress on the floor has plenty of upsides, but sleepers should wait until they understand both sides of the coin. Some of the potential downsides include increased wear and tear on the mattress, as well as possible health risks. Individuals can make a more informed choice based on their circumstances by considering the pros and cons.

Pros of a Mattress on the Floor

Starting with the positives, many people prefer to sleep on a bed without a box spring or a bed frame. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but there are several upsides to putting a mattress directly on the floor.

Cost efficiency

Placing a mattress on the floor is a popular option among people on a budget. Bed frames and box springs can be expensive, so placing the mattress on the floor can be a great way to save money. The floor can be a sturdy and reliable alternative to a bed frame or box spring.

Additionally, some sleepers prefer to invest their money in a high-quality mattress rather than splurging on a bed frame. Therefore, putting the mattress on the floor is practical and budget-friendly. However, it’s important to note that budget constraints are not the only reason people place their mattresses on the floor.

Helps with back pain

Surprisingly, putting a mattress on the floor can help with back pain for some sleepers. The firm surface of the ground can aid with a neutral spinal alignment and healthy posture throughout the night. Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone, but it definitely works for some.

Takes up less space

When a box spring or bed frame is added to the equation, the mattress will likely occupy more space in the bedroom. However, without a bed frame in the picture, handling or moving the mattress can become a lot easier. Therefore, many individuals may prefer to conserve space and enjoy the freedom of movement, which outweighs the advantages of having a bed frame.

Better blood circulation

The floor’s firm surface helps distribute body weight evenly, which leads to reduced pressure on different parts of the body. This, in turn, promotes better blood circulation and organ function and also improves muscle recovery.

Cons of a Mattress on the Floor

Sleeping on a mattress placed directly on the floor may have some benefits, but it can also have downsides for some people. For instance, if the mattress manufacturer’s warranty requires using a bed frame or foundation, sleeping on the floor could void that warranty. Therefore, before doing so, it’s important to consider several factors.

Mold and mildew growth

It’s essential to ensure proper ventilation and airflow, regardless of your sleeping style. Box springs and bed frames provide optimal airflow for mattresses, but this benefit is absent when the mattress is placed on the floor. Inadequate ventilation can lead to a buildup of heat and moisture from the air and the sleeper’s body, creating a favorable environment for mold and mildew growth. Although dehumidifiers can help prevent this problem, many sleepers still struggle.

Dust mites and bed bugs

When a mattress is placed directly on the floor, it becomes easier for dust mites, bed bugs, and other insects to make their way into or onto the mattress. Dust mites can cause allergic reactions in many people, while bed bugs can leave multiple bites and be challenging to eliminate.

One should keep in mind that dust mites are attracted to moisture and warmth, so they will likely find their way in if these conditions are present in the bedroom or mattress. Additionally, depending on the climate and location, there is a possibility of encountering other types of insects as well.

Getting out of bed

Some people find it difficult to get out of bed due to a medical condition or simply because they are getting older. Standing up can still be challenging when the bed is placed on the floor, even with decent edge support. The same goes for getting into bed, as it requires squatting down. While younger people may not have any issues with this, those with certain medical conditions like chronic pain or arthritis may find it extremely difficult.

Voiding the warranty

Although it’s not a certainty, many mattress manufacturers warn that placing the mattress directly on the floor may void the customer’s warranty. Mattresses are typically designed to be used with box springs or bed frames, so manufacturers advise against putting them on the floor. Since most people prefer to keep their warranty valid, this is enough of a deterrent for some.

Sleeping With Adjustable Bases

Investing in an adjustable base can be highly advantageous for those who can’t seem to achieve the most comfort. They’re also an excellent choice for sleepers who have health conditions that require adjustable support.

Taking this route offers numerous benefits that go beyond protecting a mattress’s overall quality. With the technology available for modern adjustable mattresses, there’s more than enough customization to meet the needs of most sleepers. This simple addition can help protect the mattress and offer a more hygienic sleeping experience for yourself and the bed’s material quality.

Protect Your Mattress With MLILY

For sleepers who prefer to keep their mattresses on the floor, adding a mattress protector to the mix can help extend the life of the mattress. However, it’s important to note that not all mattress protectors are made the same.

Each comes with its unique material quality, features, and specific use cases. Ranging from material type, cost, and scope of benefits, we offer several quality mattress protectors at MLILY. Some of our most diverse examples include the following

Fully EncasedAs the name suggests, this mattress protector comes with a fully encased design. That means sleepers can rest knowing their mattress is protected on all sides.
It’s also water, mildew, and dust mite resistant.
Polyester Knit FabricThis mattress protector is our entry-level solution. It has a polyester knit cover with a waterproof and breathable design.
Sleepers also benefit from allergen and dust mite protection. The mattress protector is designed to fit 7” to 15” mattresses.
Cooling Ice FiberFor those who appreciate a cool night’s sleep, Cooling Ice Fiber is the way to go. Waterproof, breathable, and comfortable, this protector inevitably improves overall comfort.
Designed to fit mattresses 7” to 15” thick, it’s a universal solution to mattress protection.

It’s important to discern that mattress protectors can be a lifesaver for mattresses on the floor, as they’re bound to endure wear and tear over time. A small additional layer can go a long way for mattresses of all types, and protectors are a cost-efficient and effective solution.

In conclusion

While it’s understandable why some may prefer to put a mattress on the floor, it isn’t the most advisable for several factors. The material quality can be affected in several ways, on top of the potential health concerns that stem from it.

MLILY offers several solutions to elevate and protect your mattress to help keep it intact for the long term. This article highlights the pros and cons of putting a mattress on the floor to provide clarity on the potential health and mattress quality implications.

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