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How to Move a Mattress: Challenges, Tips, and Tricks

how to move mattress

Moving a mattress can be challenging given its bulky size and awkward shape. Even with two people, maneuvering around tight corners and staircases can make moving a mattress feel like a struggle.

Whether you are moving a twin or king-size mattress, the article below will serve as a helpful guide to ensure that you move your mattress safely and effectively.

The Challenges of Moving a Mattress

Moving a mattress, whether to the next room or across town, can be a challenging process. Consider the following challenges:

  • Mattresses are heavy – Most beds weigh between 45 and 100 lbs, and moving one alone can lead to significant injury without proper lifting and support.
  • Protecting the mattress – The bed must be covered with either a mattress bag or cover to prevent physical damage during transport.
  • Measure dimensions – It is essential to plan and measure everything to ensure enough clearance for the mattress through doors, hallways, stairs, and vehicles.
  • Hiring movers – One downside of hiring movers to transport your mattress is the additional cost, as it’s an extra service on top of the overall moving expenses. Additionally, some movers may not handle mattresses with the care or attention to detail you’d prefer, risking damage during transit.
  • Larger vehicle to transport – A van or a truck is the best vehicle for safely and securely transporting a mattress. However, access to a large vehicle is not always possible. Pickup trucks, for instance, also leave the bed exposed to outside elements, which could lead to damage.
  • The necessities – Consider investing in hand straps, furniture padding, and other supplies to ensure the mattress remains secure during transport. However, this may be an added one-time cost that not everyone wants to incur.

Taking measurements, securing supplies, and budgeting for help when needed will streamline the process and prevent injuries or damage. A bit of planning goes a long way for a successful mattress move.

Transporting a Mattress Solo

Because of its size and shape, moving a mattress alone can be difficult, often requiring dragging it along the floor. This is where mattress covers come in handy.

Some people may consider folding memory foam mattresses for easier transportation. However, doing so could void the warranty, as it is not advised even though some memory foam beds feel flexible.

Always clear a path through the house and the vehicle to avoid any potential roadblocks when moving a mattress. If moving a mattress up or down a flight of stairs, the safest way is to glide it slowly without tipping the weight. When lifting the mattress, use support from the knees and hips and engage your core muscles. This will allow the body to manage the size and weight of the mattress safely.

It is important to ensure a steady posture and take time when transporting a mattress to avoid injuries and damage to the mattress. When loading a mattress onto a truck, it is recommended to lift one end into the vehicle and push the mattress the rest of the way. Alternatively, many moving trucks come equipped with a built-in ramp that allows you to slide objects at an upward angle. This method can also load the mattress onto the truck safely and efficiently.

Secure the mattress

It is crucial to properly secure the mattress on all sides, regardless of the vehicle type being used for transportation. Several methods have been used for many years, ensuring the safe transit of mattresses of any size.

Car or SUVMake sure the mattress is centered on top of the vehicleWrap nylon rope or ratchet straps vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, if possibleTie secure knots or tighten the straps until the mattress is securely in placeIf a luggage rack isn’t available, ropes and straps can be threaded through the front and backside car doors and secured from the inside
Pickup TruckPlace the mattress in a flat position in the bed of the truckNylon rope or ratchet straps should be secured to the D-rings, then wrapped and tightened across the mattress on each sideIf the tailgate needs to be left open due to space, the back end of the mattress must also be secured to the bed of the truck
Moving Truck or VanLay the mattress flat or lean it sideways against the inside of the vehicleNever stack mattresses on top of other furnitureMake use of the support rails to secure the mattress with nylon rope or ratchet strapsLimit as much slack as possible to minimize shifting during transportation

Many people think any vehicle can move a mattress, but this is not entirely true. Some vehicles may present more challenges than others. Moving trucks and vans are the best options as they provide ample space and support for transporting a mattress safely. However, if you don’t have access to a moving truck or a van, there are other ways to secure your mattress during transportation.

Tools and Tips for Moving a Mattress

Having the right tools makes mattress moving much more manageable. Consider investing in these handy items:

  • Mattress Bags: These help protect the mattress’s surface from dirt and damage during transport. Double bag when needed to add an extra layer of protection.
  • Moving Straps: Easily lift and carry mattresses without straining the back or other areas of the body.
  • Furniture Sliders: Slide mattresses smoothly over various floor surfaces, around corners, and through doorways. This mitigates the need to drag the mattress across the floor.
  • Dolly: This tool makes maneuvering large, bulky, heavy objects like mattresses relatively easy. Dollys are highly recommended for DIY moves.
  • Ratchet Straps or Rope: A necessity for tightly securing mattresses to vehicles. Using both items together is known to offer the best hold.
  • Padding: Protecting the mattress from the straps and rope rubbing is advisable. Padding can offer the separation needed to protect the material quality of the mattress.
  • Sandwich Bags: A simple yet important item to keep hardware and parts organized and labeled for easy reassembly.

The right equipment simplifies the process, saves your back, and prevents damage. Investing in a few inexpensive but invaluable gadgets will give you the confidence and control to move a mattress like the pros!

Store a mattress the right way

Proper storage during transport is crucial for different mattress types. The list below summarizes how to store them during transportation.

  • Memory Foam and Latex: Memory Foam mattresses should be laid flat. Never fold or bend them, as this can easily damage the foam.
  • Innersprings: Traditional innerspring mattresses can be placed on their sides or flat. If standing, the pillow top side should face outward to avoid damage.
  • Air Beds: Deflate the air mattress fully and store it as flat as possible.
  • Box Spring: It is important to lay a box spring flat or stand it on its side while properly securing it. Additionally, never store a mattress with other items stacked on top.

These simple tips aim to help safeguard the mattress while moving it from one place to another. Although moving mattresses is a common occurrence, some people use this opportunity to consider purchasing a new one. For such individuals, durability and quality should be the key factors determining their buying decision.

Consider a New Mattress Delivery

If the thought of moving your current mattress is overwhelming, then look no further to have a new one delivered straight to your new home! MLILY offers premium mattresses shipped for free right to your doorstep. Our mattresses feature innovative technologies.

  1. Temperature-regulating materials to keep you cool throughout the night
  2. Wide selection of firmness levels for every sleeper
  3. Various specialty foams target individual needs and offer superior pressure relief
  4. Offer memory foam options and hybrid designs with precision pocket coils

Move the mattress with confidence 

Moving a mattress requires planning and care, and the information in this guide will help you transport mattresses safely and efficiently.

Hiring professional movers is an option if budget allows, but it may be best to leave old mattresses behind and enjoy a new one shipped to your new home.

Companies like MLILY make upgrading your mattress a breeze. Invest in quality materials and construction that provide comfort and durability for years.

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