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air mattress vs memory foam

November 13, 2023

Air Mattress vs. Memory Foam: Dive Into Which Mattress Reigns Supreme

Whether you're going camping or looking to fill out a guest room, are you sizing up an air mattress vs. memory foam? Most memory foam mattresses generally include multiple layers of varying types of

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queen vs. california queen vs olympic queen mattress

November 8, 2023

Queen vs. California Queen vs. Olympic Queen Mattress: Unraveling the Size Debate

Many people would be surprised to learn there's more than one type of queen mattress. Clearly, they all offer something unique, but the standard queen mattress size tends to be the usual choice for m

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can a new mattress cause back pain

November 3, 2023

Can a New Mattress Cause Back Pain? Everything You Need to Know to Avoid Discomfort

Can a new mattress cause back pain? The reality of this question is yes, a new mattress can generate some back pain. It's important to note there are various factors at play with this question, and i

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plush vs medium mattress

October 30, 2023

Plush vs Medium Mattresses: What’s the Difference? 

The main difference between plush and medium mattresses is that soft mattresses offer more pressure relief, while medium mattresses provide more support.  However, medium and plush mattresses

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What to Do About a Sagging Mattress

October 27, 2023

What to Do About a Sagging Mattress

If your mattress is slightly or even moderately sagging, there are lots of ways to manage the problem. For instance, a bunkie board or a mattress topper can help. However, if your mattress is severel

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Getting into The Zero Gravity Sleep Position with the MLILY adjustable bases

October 23, 2023

Getting into the Zero Gravity Sleep Position with an Adjustable Bed

The zero gravity position is a low-stress sleep position invented by NASA. Originally the goal was to relieve astronauts by dispersing the immense stress on their bodies during takeoff. Now you do

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california king vs alaskan king

October 19, 2023

California King vs. Alaskan King Bed: A Detailed Overview

Mattress size is one of the primary selling points of any bed; between California King vs. Alaskan King mattresses, which comes out on top? Simply put, the Alaskan King bed is larger in size, width,

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Understanding Memory Foam

October 13, 2023

Making a Memory Foam Mattress: How the Pros Do It and How You Can Too

The memory foam manufacturing process involves many steps that turn petroleum products into the safe and pure flexible polyurethane foam that everyone knows and loves. Here’s what goes into making

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October 10, 2023

How to Choose the Best Mattress if You’re Overweight

Selecting an ideal mattress is vital, particularly for a heavy person. A supportive mattress not only ensures quality sleep but also offers relief to those carrying extra weight. Discover how to choo

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