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Serenity Cool Pillow

Contoured to fit your neck for enhanced comfort and support.

Serenity Cool Pillow

Contoured to fit your neck for enhanced comfort and support.

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The Serenity Cool Pillow features a gel-infused AeroFusion® Memory Foam core. It has precision ventilation centered around the head and a cooling viscose fabric cover that breathes and wicks away moisture. The contour design perfectly fits around the neck and shoulders, providing cushioning and support.
  • Contoured shape ideal for back and side sleeping
  • Ventilated gel-infused AeroFusion® Memory Foam core
  • Moisture-wicking viscose cover promotes cooling and breathability

Cover: 69% Polyester, 28% viscose, 3% spandex

Core: AeroFusion® Memory Foam

Dimension: 16” × 29.5” × 5”

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The Serenity Cool Pillow supports optimal head positioning and neck cushioning during sleep. The breathable
viscose cover wicks moisture away and feels cool to the touch. The ventilated AeroFusion® Memory Foam
core offers a comfortable and supportive solution while preventing any
uncomfortable heat buildup.

Why You Will Love It

Ergonomic Shape Huggable Material Cooling Infusion
Ergonomic Shape

The innovative shoulder cutout not only provides proper cushioning for the neck area but also ensures optimal head positioning and actively contributes to proper spine alignment.

Huggable Material

We take memory foam to the next level elevating it with a hug-like feel. Our innovative AeroFusion® Memory Foam stays cool while conforming to pressure zones.

Cooling Infusion

Strategically crafted with a gel-infused filling and an open cell structure, our design prioritizes breathability, creating a naturally cool and soothing sleep environment.

Find Your Perfect Match

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We understand that everyone has unique sleeping preferences, so we are committed to providing tailored solutions.

This pillow is meticulously designed to follow the natural curve of the head and neck.
It offers proper alignment, robust support, and unparalleled comfort for a restful night's sleep.

Have a Look Inside

01 02 03

01Moisture-Wicking and Breathable Cover

Designed with a blend of polyester and viscose, this cover breaths and allows for airflow, creating a cooling sensation that keeps you comfortable while you sleep.

02Ventilated Zone Technology

Precisely cut air channels in the center area increase airflow, promoting optimal air circulation and temperature management throughout the night.

03Gel-infused AeroFusion® Memory Foam

This memory foam is generously infused with a cooling gel. It keeps all of the posit ive properties of memory foam, like contouring and conforming to the sleeper, while mitigating temperature issues with the gel infusion.

What Sleepers are Saying

Really love it! Love it!

Surprisingly, on the first try, I enjoyed this comfortable pillow.
It made a positive impact on my sleep quality, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking the perfect blend of support, comfort, and cooling features.

—— Alina
Sleep Style: Back and Side Sleeper

Durable and Easy to Clean

It‘s designed for multi-washing and effectively retains its shape over time. Advise hand washing the pillowcase with cold and lukewarm water. Clean the memory foam filling with a disinfectant fabric spray and air dry indoors.

√ Do not use bleach, iron, dry clean, or dry in the dryer.

√ Do not expose the memory foam directly to intense sunshine.