Sleep Solutions Built for Every Stage of Life

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At MLILY, we are devoted to providing you with the highest quality sleep experience imaginable. Our transitional sleep products are rooted in purposeful research and innovation and will support you at every stage of life. From mattresses to pillows, to adjustable bases, and mattress protectors, our products were designed to promote a deeper, cooler, more restorative night’s sleep. 

Let’s look at some of our industry-leading sleep solutions that have revolutionized the way our customers sleep!


Did you know that the most commonly purchased mattress, the innerspring mattress, has some of the lowest customer satisfaction rates? While other mattress types, such as memory foam mattresses, have satisfaction rates of over 80%. 

James NI, the founder of MLILY, has always believed that foam mattresses and products provide a superior sleep experience. This is why we’ve developed our mattresses using proprietary foams based on science, produced with our machinery. 

From our specialty memory foam mattresses, which provide superior support, rejuvenating comfort, and long-lasting durability, to our unique hybrid mattresses that take traditional beds to a whole new level, and our PowerCool Sleep System mattresses that use a fan-powered sleep system, MLILY provides you with an experience unlike any other.


Pillows help to align the upper body during sleep, relieving pressure and balancing the points in the body. An ideal pillow should conform to the individual’s shape, curves, and sleeping position and relieve pressure points. Which is exactly what our carefully crafted pillows are designed to do! 

Browse our memory foam pillows that give your head and neck the extra support you’ve been looking for, manufactured with the same specialty memory foam found in our premium mattresses. 

Looking for something different? Check out our foam & fiber pillows which contain adjustable, shapeable filling to provide you with the most customized comfort possible. 

Adjustable Bases 

The adjustable base is perfect for individuals who want to customize their sleeping position. They are known for offering numerous benefits to users, including reducing back pain, alleviating sleep apnea, snoring, and asthma, and reducing acid reflux while improving digestion.

Our adjustable bases will position you for the most optimal sleep experience of your life, all at the touch of a button! 

Mattress Protectors 

A mattress protector is a removable piece of bedding that sits on top of a mattress to protect it. Additionally, mattress protectors protect the person sleeping on the mattress from allergens and irritants such as dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and dead skin. 

At MLILY, we have a range of mattress protectors to protect your mattress from all of life’s messes! Let’s take a quick look at the range of premium mattress protectors we offer. 

Cooling Ice Fiber 

Our Cooling Ice Fiber mattress protectors are 100% waterproof and machine washable. They are durable, protective, breathable, and incredibly cool to the touch! 

Tencel Fabric

MLILY’s Tencel Fabric mattress protector is our most popular protector that’s great for keeping dust mites away while providing a soft, breathable feel.

Fully Encased 

Our Fully Encased mattress protector offers coverage and protection from top to bottom and side to side. Complete with a zippered closure covering all six sides of your mattress, protecting it entirely from spills, dust mites, and more.

Polyester Knit Fabric 

With our Polyester Knit Fabric protector, your mattress will stay in premier condition while also offering a breathable and temperature-neutral feel. Our entry-level protector is waterproof and provides a protective barrier to keep away dust mites and other allergens. 

At MLILY, we’re dedicated to providing you with long-lasting, quality products that will give you the best sleep every night of your life. Our products, materials, and processes are all designed and manufactured solely by MLILY for unparalleled quality control you can trust. Ready to redefine the way you sleep? Shop MLILY now and let us help you find your perfect mattress and mattress add-ons!

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