A Special Space In Our Hearts

Special spaces partnership

At MLILY, giving back to the community is not only something we are passionate about; it is something we dedicate ourselves to. From our deep-rooted belief in improving the world’s sleep quality through innovative sleep solutions to our partnership with the ICA and Manchester United, we strive to play a small role in improving the lives of everyone in our sleep community. 

However, we hold one partnership incredibly close to our hearts, and that is our partnership with Special Spaces.

Special Spaces 

Special Spaces is a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) organization based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Founded in 2004, Special Spaces has grown from one organization with a dream to a nationally recognized volunteer organization. Special Spaces now has 12 chapters spread across 10 states and has created over 1,400 dream bedrooms for children across the United States. 

Their mission is to give room makeovers to children who’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Not just a bedroom, but a special space where they can sleep, play, heal and spend time away from the challenges of their illness. 

The Special Spaces team meets with each family, designs the bedrooms, and provides all needed supplies. Makeovers often include new paint, furniture, rugs, window treatments, closet organization, medical storage, light fixtures, bedding, painted murals, and custom décor. These rooms are created through the effort of dedicated volunteers, sponsors, community partners, and donated goods/services.

MLILY Community Commitment to Special Spaces

The work that Special Spaces is dedicated to is very meaningful to us at MLILY, and we immediately knew we wanted to do our part in changing the lives of these children. 

MLILY regularly donates financially and physically to Special Spaces to ensure these children can have the rooms they deserve with long-lasting mattresses engineered to provide peace and comfort.

JAMA Collection

Our JAMA line, designed specifically for children, is made to withstand the rigors of childhood. We donate a portion of the proceeds from every JAMA purchase to Special Spaces, along with JAMA 7” mattresses for children receiving a room makeover. If you’re interested in supporting these children and the organization, consider gifting a JAMA series mattress to someone in your life or donating directly to Special Spaces. 


The JAMA™ 7″ is a medium-feel mattress wrapped in a fun, washable cover. Our AdaptiFoam™ technology adds a bit of latex-like bounce and comfort while the Gel Memory foam regulates temperature. Its dimensions make it an excellent option for standard beds and bunk beds. MLILY products are designed, and independently safety tested to comply with all applicable mandatory and voluntary safety standards for children’s products.


The JAMA 5″ mattress is a low-profile, medium-firm mattress designed with growth spurts, pillow fights, and extraordinary sleep in mind! The layers of MLILY exclusive AdaptiFoam™ and Flex Support Base Foam are fully protected by the included mattress protector and provide breathable comfort and support for children ages three and older. With two sizes and color options, your little one is sure to treasure their JAMA mattress for years to come!

JAMA Pillow

The JAMA™ pillow is designed to support your child for years to come. It contains three separate layers that are individually wrapped to customize the height and feel of the pillow. Two of these layers are flat for easy adjustment, while the top layer is contoured for a supportive fit. Outside is a soft, washable cover that comes in a teal or purple fabric. 

Additional Information 

For additional information about Special Spaces, please visit, where you can donate directly or volunteer your time. We are so grateful we get to partner with an organization as special as this one. 

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