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California King vs. Alaskan King Bed: A Detailed Overview

california king vs alaskan king

Mattress size is one of the primary selling points of any bed; between California King vs. Alaskan King mattresses, which comes out on top? Simply put, the Alaskan King bed is larger in size, width, and length, making it a top choice over the Californian. In this article, you’ll see details on both mattresses, such as comfort, personal preferences, materials, and guidance on picking the right bed for you.

What is a California King Mattress?


  • Length: 84 in.
  • Width: 72 in.
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Overall size: 42 sq. ft.


A California King bed is widely popular due to its size alone, and there are numerous features that make it stand out as an optimal choice for shoppers in the market for a sizable bed. Notable aspects include its affordability over an Alaskan King mattress and its ability to fit a standard room size, with a minimum requirement of 12×10 feet.

The Pros and Cons of a California King Mattress


  • The bed frame of the California King mattress can accommodate two children and two adults with ease
  • Cheaper than the Alaskan King size bed
  • Suitable for taller people while still being able to fit in standard-sized rooms
  • Easier to source than an Alaskan King
  • Plenty of accommodating accessories, bedding, and bed frames


  • It does not have as much width as the Alaskan King bed
  • Families larger than four may want a larger bed
  • There isn’t enough space for both family and pets on the bed

What is an Alaskan King Mattress?


  • Length: 108 in.
  • Width: 108 in.
  • Shape: Square
  • Overall size: 81 sq. ft.


Going far beyond what a Texas King or Cal King bed can deliver, the Alaskan King mattress is seen as the cream of the crop for some people. Those with much larger families and pets can benefit from the amount of space an Alaskan King bed has to offer.

With an Alaskan king, you can fit two adults, multiple children, and more than one pet. It’s another great option for larger individuals, and it offers a size that can fit essentially all body types.

The oversized bed will only fit in some standard-sized rooms, as it requires a minimum space of 16×16 feet. Aside from that one caveat, the Alaskan King vs. California King bed debate is trumped in the size category. If you’re simply looking for the bigger option, the Alaskan King takes the cake in size comparison.

The Pros and Cons of an Alaskan King Mattress


  • An excellent choice for larger families that have multiple children and pets
  • One of the most spacious co-sleeping options you can find
  • Great for couples that want to sleep together but also have enough room for personal space


  • Guaranteed to come with a heftier price tag than a California King
  • Minimum room size requirements are higher than many other beds
  • They can be extremely heavy and difficult to move
  • Bedding and accessories may be harder to find and clean

California King vs. Alaskan King Size Comparison Chart

When you compare each oversized bed, the core differences that matter can be staggering in some aspects. Although the Alaskan is the biggest bed in comparison, that doesn’t mean the Californian isn’t more than enough for most people. In the following sections, you can find comparisons that highlight many key differences between both beds in regard to their size.

Unveiling the Dimensions

In surface area alone, the Alaskan King takes up nearly twice as much space as the California King mattress. The Alaskan sits at 11,664 square inches, while the Californian is only 6,048 square inches. Both are considered to be quite large, but Alaskan leads the way without a doubt.

Width Matters

To provide another visual reference, the width of each mattress will give you a solid visual of how they might fit in your home or if they’ll fit at all. The California King mattress is 72 inches in width, while the Alaskan is a bit larger with a width of 108 inches. Keep in mind that Alaskan King beds are square, so the length will be the same as the width.

Length Matters Too

As mentioned above, the length of the Alaskan King is the same as its width, which is 108 inches. Most people are used to rectangular beds, so the square shape may pose challenges for some room layouts. With the California King, the mattress’s length rests at 84 inches. Some shoppers prefer the rectangular shape and may choose a Californian based on that preference alone.

Our Mattress Recommendation

If you’re looking for the most suitable option between the two, we suggest looking into a California King mattress. This is mainly due to its ability to fit in most standard-sized bedrooms, and they’re also easier to maintain and move if needed. On top of that, finding the accessories and furniture you need will be much easier with a California King bed.

Of course, there’s an endless list of California King mattresses on the market, but one that comes with a high rating among buyers is the PowerCool Firm Sleep System mattress. This can be found in many different sizes, with the California King being one of them.

Some of its standout features include:

  • Cooling knit fabric cover
  • A very firm feel to the mattress
  • Fan cooling base
  • The base is adjustable for different types of support

We feel this mattress is an excellent option for those who need something quite firm and prefer to keep cool at all hours of the night. Its adjustable features make it suitable for individuals who tend to deal with shifting sleeping positions and patterns.

When to Choose California King

People who own a California King had to upgrade from their previous mattress at some point. Pulling the trigger on this decision comes with the considerations mentioned in this article and the important notes listed below.

A California King Affair: Who It’s Perfect For

To summarize who this mattress is best suited for, the California King caters to taller individuals for the most part. On top of that, couples who would like to have additional space are also a part of this crowd. In the event you’re simply trying to maximize bedroom space, then a California King is a good mix of not too big and not too small.

Here are a few specifications that are vital to remember before making a purchase:

  • MinimumRoom Size Requirements: 12×10 feet
  • Price: $1,300 to $2,600 (avg.)
  • Packaging: Either compressed and shipped in a box or delivered in full
  • Transportation: Standard shipping or freight truck
  • Installation: You can always have professionals handle installation, but it’ll always require more than one person

The important difference between an Alaskan King and a California King can be found in these bullet points. For those preparing to spend some money, these are key considerations that should always be utilized. Even though the California King is 84 inches in length, this still may not be big enough to be called a family bed for some people.

When to Opt for Alaskan King

Individuals looking for something a bit bigger will want to look toward the Alaskan King mattress. This bed is ideal for people who like to fit the whole family, love the feel of luxurious lounging, or have space to fill in a larger bedroom. The Alaskan King does a great job of selling itself, but you’ll want to consider the following details before making a purchase.

Important factors to consider about the Alaskan King-size bed include:

  • MinimumRoom Size Requirements: 16×16 feet
  • Price: $2,000 to $6,000 (avg.)
  • Packaging: Usually shipped in whole, not compressed or in a box.
  • Transportation: Standard shipping or freight truck
  • Installation: Multiple people will be needed to maneuver, assemble, and place the bed 

Aside from the beds themselves, you’ll also have to consider bedding solutions that don’t follow a standard mattress size. This isn’t always extremely hard to find, but you may have to do a little more digging than usual. 

Bedding and Accessories

In regard to the Alaskan King bed vs. California King, bedding and accessories can be an entirely different shopping experience on their own. Nevertheless, plenty of options are on the market; you just have to know what you’re looking for.

California King Beeding: Dressing Up the Royalty

As with any bed, you’ll want to start by looking for fitted sheets that match the dimensions of a California King. From there, you have enough space to add in a few more accessories. Other considerations include blankets and covers to make your bed cozy.

Alaskan King Dreams: Finding the Right Linens

In many aspects, the same goes for the Alaskan King bed size, just on a bigger scale. Although you may find fitted sheets and covers suitable for an Alaskan King, there’s a good chance you might have to go the custom route. Considering the sheer size of this bed, it isn’t uncommon to have custom bedding created.

Once you have everything together, the next concern will be maintenance. Due to the size of these beds, it’s important to learn a few tips and tricks.

How to Care for Maintenance?

Keeping your sheets clean is the easy part, even if they take a little longer than a queen or regular King bed. The mattress itself, on the other hand, requires upkeep over the years. Depending on the material you’re working with, consistently check on the material of your mattress to ensure the quality is upheld. Any accidental stains or damage should be addressed before the problem worsens.

The Bottom Line

Through a comparison of the California King vs. Alaskan King bed features, we feel it’s pretty clear that the California King bed is the better option overall. Most people would benefit more from a California King from space, cost-efficiency, size, and weight. However, those with larger families or bedrooms might prefer what an Alaskan King has to offer. 

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