Choosing the Right Bed: Twin XL vs Split King

twin xl vs split king mattress


Quality sleep is essential, and your mattress type plays a key role. Two popular options—Twin XL and Split King—both offer extra length but differ in width and purpose. While a narrow Twin XL suits individuals, the spacious Split King’s dual mattresses accommodate couples with different preferences. 

By comparing key factors like size, sleeping partners, intended use and price you can determine the best fit for your needs and room. This guide outlines the main distinctions to confidently choose between Twin XL and Split King for your best sleep.

Twin XL Mattress

A Twin XL mattress takes the standard twin bed and adds 5 more inches of length while maintaining the narrow twin width. A Twin XL usually has a width of around 38 – 39 inches and a length of 80 inches, which gives it extra legroom.


Space Efficiency:

A Twin XL is ideal for smaller bedrooms or rooms with limited space due to its narrower width than a full-size mattress.


Twin XL beds are Versatile for various uses, such as guest rooms, children’s bedrooms, or single adult sleepers.

Compatibility with Standard Sheets:

Twin XL sheets are readily available and are very affordable.


Limited Sleeping Space:

It can be restrictive for couples or individuals who prefer more sleeping space.

Less Luxury Feel:

A larger mattress size might be preferred for those desiring a more spacious and luxurious sleep experience.

Ideal Uses of Twin XL Mattress

Twin XL mattresses are versatile and well-suited for various situations:

  • College Dorms: They are space efficient and compatible with dorm room dimensions.
  • Guest Rooms: Ideal for guest rooms where space may be limited.
  • Children’s Bedrooms: Great for kids transitioning from a crib to a larger bed, offering more room without taking up excessive space.
  • Narrow Spaces: These are suited for bedrooms with limited width, such as in apartments or small bedrooms.
  • Bunk Beds: Fits nicely in the upper bunk of bunk beds, providing a longer mattress without the extra width.
  • Single Adults: Perfect for adults who don’t require a larger bed and want to optimize their bedroom space.

Split King Mattress

A Split King combines two Twin XL mattresses side-by-side into one extra-wide bed spanning about 76” wide x 80” long. Split King is ideal for partners with differing sleep priorities who want personalized mattresses without sacrificing shared space. 

The “split” design enables each half of the bed to be customized to individual preferences for firmness, materials and features. It also allows for easy movement and installation of an adjustable bed base. For couples with conflicting mattress criteria, the Split King can optimize sleep quality on a spacious yet tailored bed.


Individualized Comfort:

Allows couples to customize their sleeping experience with different firmness levels or adjustable bed positions on each side.

Reduced Motion Transfer:

It minimizes motion transfer, making it an excellent choice for couples sensitive to each other’s movements during the night.


High Cost:

It can be more expensive than traditional mattress sizes, especially with an adjustable bed frame.

Space Requirement:

Requires a larger bedroom space to accommodate the two separate mattresses and ensure easy access around the bed.

Ideal Uses of Split King-Size Mattress

A split king mattress offers versatility and is ideal for the following situations:

  • Couples with Different Preferences: Ideal for couples with different firmness or adjustability preferences. The split allows each person to customize their side of the bed.
  • Health Issues: Beneficial for individuals with specific health issues, allowing each sleeper to choose a mattress firmness or position that accommodates their needs.
  • Reducing Motion Transfer: Helps minimize motion transfer, making it a good choice for couples sensitive to their partner’s movements during the night.
  • Luxury Comfort: Offers a luxurious feel, similar to a king-size bed, but with the added benefit of individualized comfort.

Major Differences Between Twin XL and Split King


A Split King bed has the same 80-inch length as a Twin XL bed, but it’s twice as wide! Typically, it covers a width of 76 inches, except for pieces customized to the user’s preference.

Average Cost

Split King beds typically cost more than the standard Twin XL bed. However, the average total cost depends on the product brand, wholesalers, and retailers. At MLILY, we have products across different price ranges. 

Depending on the product, a Twin XL bed costs between $699 to $1249. Check out the table below for a more detailed cost analysis of the Twin XL vs. Split King beds.

Memory Foam

ProductTwin XLSplit King
MLILY dream$699$1199
Wellflex 2.0$1249$2499


ProductTwin XL Split King
ONYX Pro Hybrid Medium$1699$2999
Fusion Luxe$2249$3499
ONYX Max Hybrid Plush$2199$3599

Our MLILY Powercool medium and firm sleep Twin XL vs. Split King beds have cooling fans and an adjustable base for enhanced comfort. The Twin XL costs $3999, and the Split King $6999.

Capacity of Occupancy

A Twin XL bed is designed for only one person to sleep comfortably, while a Split King bed provides the same level of comfort for two people. The Split King bed is like having two separate beds in one, so each person can have their own space and adjust their mattress to their liking if they have different sleep preferences.

Can Two Twin XL Make a Split King Mattress?

The answer is YES! To convert two twin XL mattresses into a split king size, you’ll need a split king adjustable bed frame, a king-size bed bridge and a bed strap.

Follow these steps for a quick and easy setup:

Bed Bridge

  • Carefully place your bed bridge into the space between the Twin XL beds. 
  • Ensure the bridge’s flat surface is aligned with the bed’s surface. This helps create a seamless surface and ensures a more comfortable sleep experience.

Bed Straps

  • Insert the straps through the bed bridge loops and secure it firmly around the two Twin XL beds.

Adjustable Bed Frame:

  • Alternatively, use a split king adjustable bed frame. These frames allow each side of the bed to move independently.
  • Place the two twin XL mattresses on the separate sides of the adjustable bed frame.

Sheets and Bedding:

  • Use split king sheets designed for this type of bed configuration. They come with fitted sheets for each mattress and a single flat sheet.

Considerations for Choosing Between a Twin XL and a Split King Mattress

The best tactic when buying a mattress is choosing one that best suits your needs. Choosing the right mattress involves a combination of factors. Consider your sleeping preferences, any specific health concerns, the dimensions of your room, and your budget. 

Bed Room Size

Larger rooms accommodate bigger mattress sizes like the Split King comfortably. Smaller rooms might benefit from more space-efficient options like the Twin XL.

Personal Preference

Personal preference plays a crucial role in selecting a mattress. Consider firmness, materials, and unique features that align with your comfort preferences. 


A higher budget allows for consideration of premium materials, advanced features, and durability. Balancing your budget with comfort, support, and longevity is vital to finding a mattress that meets your financial constraints and sleep preferences.


Is Twin XL the same as a Split King?

No. A Twin XL is a single bed built for one user at a time. However, a Split King bed comprises two Twin XL beds. This might lead to the common misconception that they are similar.

How To Prevent Split King-Size Beds From Separating?

The best way to prevent your Split King-size bed from separating is to invest in a frame that fits snuggly. This will eliminate any room for the mattresses to split at the center. Additionally, using gap fillers, velcro straps, and adjusting the bed connectors can give the beds an additional fit.

Can Twin XL Fit A Couple?

Twin XL dimensions make it suitable for only a single user. Two kids might share a Twin XL. However, two adults are advised to only share a supersized bed like the Split King for comfort.


Can I use almost any two Twin XL mattresses?

Yes. You can combine any two MLILY Twin XL mattresses to achieve the ideal Split King bed.


A Twin XL mattress is a single-unit, longer bed commonly used for taller individual sleepers. In contrast, a Split King mattress is two Twin XL mattresses placed side by side, allowing for independent adjustment on each side.

Choosing between Twin XL and Split King depends on your needs. A Twin XL should suffice if you’re a solo sleeper. The Split King is better if you share the bed and want individual control over comfort. Ultimately, consider your room size, budget, and other factors mentioned above to make the decision.

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