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MLILY cooling bed

May 16, 2022

How Cooling Beds Promote Deep Sleep

A good night's rest is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. It allows us to re-energize, stay in good health, and feel ready to take on the day. However, almost 41% of people

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September 30, 2020

Best Sleep for Children

Best Sleep Practices for Children Many things can prevent kids from getting the necessary quantity of sleep.  School is often too early and sports sometimes end too late in the evening. 

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well-rested woman drinks from a water bottle during a jog

March 25, 2020

Self Care

Self-care has increased in prominence over the past year, with many praising its importance amongst the stresses of everyday life. For many people short on time, self-care can be tricky to fit into

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a man at work takes a moment to relax and look out a window

March 18, 2020

Finding Balance

Life is all about balance. Despite this, equilibrium can sometimes fall by the wayside as we wade through our busy lives. Stress, lack of sleep and anxiety are all too common emotions of the modern d

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an older gentleman with an outdoor exercise group does some stretches before a workout

March 12, 2020

Exercise the difference maker

If you’re either struggling with your sleep patterns or feeling low, then there could be a brilliant activity to partake in to get you feeling yourself once more. Regular exercise has been proven t

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a man sleeps during an airline flight, using a pillow rest for neck support

March 4, 2020

Don't lose sleep traveling

For many, travel can be a draining experience, usually consisting of early starts, jetlag and the constant issues behind trying to sleep while flying. In order to combat this, check out these top ti

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a woman peacefully takes a nap during the day

February 19, 2020

sleep myths

Sleep can definitely seem like a mystery at times. Despite it being a common, everyday activity in our lives, we are all still trying to work out why we sleep, what sleep actually is, and which facto

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a collage of notable athletes jogging, cycling, and swimming

February 12, 2020

Athletes Need More Sleep

We all know that good sleep is vital for performance, but when it comes to athletes, do they need more rest than usual? Take a look at the science below. For most people, the average amount of sle

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a person holds a mug and hurriedly jots some ideas on a notebook next to a candle at a table

February 6, 2020

creativity at night

Creativity at night?  Here's how to harness it. Although it might not seem that logical, as in the evening we tend to feel pretty drowsy, the period before we drop off into slumber holds the

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Woman resting in bed on her stomach with eyes closed and arm at right angle.

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